Serie A: Napoli VS Inter milan

2022-05-02 0 By

Napoli is the traditional strong team of Serie A, although the team does not have a special eye-catching star, their league has won 16 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses, 52 points ranked the second league, behind the top inter Milan 1 point, the team recently ushered in a wave of three consecutive wins,And the recent defensive end is also very solid, the team has been chasing points momentum is very obvious, this game if beat inter milan, then they will temporarily top.As last season’s serie a champions inter milan, inter, they still keep a good competitive state in the season, the league has 16-5-2, 53 points ranked first in the league, the current round game fewer cases, only keep one integral disparity with napoli behind, it is worth mentioning is the international milan in recent 10 league games all competitions,With six wins, three draws and one loss, the PS5 super Cup was won by Juventus, but the league’s top position was in jeopardy after losing to AC Milan.Two, the history of confrontation between the two sides nearly 10 times, Naples won 2 wins 3 draws 5 losses, scored 10 goals, 13 goals lost, the two sides of the warring Inter Milan in a certain psychological advantage.Iii. Before the release of the game index, the initial data of the mainstream media gave Inter a score of 0.25, matching the high level. The subsequent support for them was obviously insufficient, and now the two sides have reached the medium and high level, matching inter.Four, comprehensive analysis of two teams although fame and power, international milan occupy a certain advantage, but the game is related to the integral situation of serie a, also relates to whether the inter milan this season the defending, so both sides of the war, there is no doubt that inter milan after although the performance of unify the whole country in the cups, including previously successfully reaching the knockout stages of the champions league,But his own domestic league performance, the results did decline significantly, after the loss to AC Milan, now the Serie A title will be the winner, still a big question mark.Naples, recent crazy points, and take the three points, also usher in a wave of recent run, and all is big the score to beat the competition, the team’s morale high, competitive state is also a breezy, integral gritted inter now, but have to say that they are still under the condition of the played a game more, behind inter milan, so it is very important to win the game international milan,Although the fans are expecting napoli to have a better performance, but as the saying goes, the greater the expectation is likely to be disappointed, so this game personally feel that the probability of winning inter Milan is relatively large.Inter milan -0 Entertainment: 0-1, 1-2