Spring to go to the base | homesickness cut not far

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“I wish I could go home this year.”When Hovann said the wish in Chinese, the word “hometown” drew a smile from the audience.On New Year’s Eve, the labor union of dai Ao Electronic Control (Nanjing) Co., LTD., a foreign-funded enterprise, organized the heads of the company and employees to make dumplings together to welcome the arrival of the New Year of the Tiger.Huo Fuan (center), chief financial officer of Dayao Electronic Control (Nanjing) Co., LTD., makes dumplings with company employees to welcome Chinese New Year.Hoffan, who speaks fluent Chinese and is the company’s chief financial officer, is originally from Germany.As the saying goes, “I miss my family all the time on festive occasions”, this “foreigner” is no exception.Homesickness does extend far beyond mountains and oceans, and common feelings can cross borders.In the morning, the sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling Windows into the company canteen, and groups of people gathered around a table to make dumplings.Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, everyone wore golden masks embroidered with “I Love You China”.”Red envelopes are being sent in wechat groups,” someone exclaimed, prompting everyone to take off their plastic gloves and tap their phones.This time, there are just pinched half of the dumplings, even the soup with stuffing on the side.Grab the red envelope back to see dumplings, a table is a good burst of laughter.Huang Lin, from Anhui province, says he is a “warm man” who likes to cook.Have worker friend jokingly say: “today dumpling not delicious, all calculate you!”Not to be outdone, he replied, “If dumplings don’t look good today, you won’t be able to run away!”When He first came to China, Hovann made dumplings once.Eight years later, when he lifts the wrappers again, he is still worried that the stuffing will leak or the folds will not look good. He seems to have lost his grip on the company’s accounts.Dayao Electronic Control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. mainly designs, develops and manufactures electronic control equipment for white goods.Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from a foothold in China to a global industry leader with annual revenues of 1.5 billion yuan.Hovann soon became the object of help.Employees brought in their own dumplings and showed Hovann how to fill them and fold them.Finally, Huofan learned a good way – less stuffing, knead the skin together after both ends to the middle of a nest, it became a “ingot”.Back home in Hofann, running a business is a methodical affair.”But in fast-developing and dynamic China, starting a business is like eating dumplings. You don’t know the surprise until you bite into the stuffing.”Mr. Hovann says he feels more comfortable in China’s development environment.The staff of Dayao Electronic Control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. pay New Year’s greetings to their families via video.Before long, the table in the canteen was filled with dumplings.Shao Xiangyun, a girl from Henan province, holds colorful dumplings and sends New Year’s greetings to her parents in her hometown via video link.When she saw her parents, she could not help crying: “We only have two kinds of stuffing for the dumplings. Today we made a variety of dumplings, and I want my parents to taste them.”Most of the workers who make dumplings have not been home for two years. They all hope that the epidemic will pass soon and they will no longer have to pay New Year’s greetings to their families across the screen.The workers of Dayao Electronic Control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. eat dumplings together during the Spring Festival.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shaogong photograph “dumplings good!”A sharp-eyed young man pointed to the pot floating dumplings called up, people have heard the sound of the end of the bowl around.”Delicious, just like home!””Said a girl as she ate.(Reporters Yang Shaogong and Lin Kai)