The city’s fire safety commission issued a prompt letter to remind industry departments and key units to do a good job during the festival fire safety work

2022-05-02 0 By

January 28, hebi city fire safety commission office issued to all sectors of the industry “on the current fire safety work prompt letter” (hereinafter referred to as “prompt letter”), prompt to do a good job of the current key fire work, analysis of weak links in the area, the implementation of targeted prevention measures, prevent all kinds of fire accidents.According to the characteristics of various industries, the “Prompt Letter” analyzes the current fire risks in shopping malls, medical and health care, pension institutions, tourist attractions, construction sites, schools and other places in the city, and provides specific fire safety tips by classification.”Prompt letter” requirements, first to further compacted fire safety work responsibility.To learn the recent fire accident lesson, to fire situation earnestly, solid fire safety responsibilities, in accordance with the requirements for the measures for the implementation of the fire control safety responsibility system in henan province, improving measures to carry out the work, urge guide industry department to carry out the regulatory duties, carry out fire safety clearance regulation system in the industry, to carry out the fire control management measures, increase funding for fire safety input,We will promptly study and solve prominent fire safety problems.Second, we will further strengthen the control of hidden dangers during festivals.To implement the responsibility of fire supervision in accordance with the requirements of “three pipes and three necessities”, carry out fire safety inspection from top to bottom.Fully consider the adverse impact of epidemic prevention and control measures on fire safety work, focus on the inspection of insecure areas, places that do not provide adequate protection and prominent problems, organize personnel to carry out hidden danger screening of units with prominent fire safety risks, study and formulate targeted measures, and strictly prevent the occurrence of influential fire accidents.Third, to further increase the fire propaganda tips.We should conscientiously plan and organize fire prevention publicity, make full use of news media, new media of government affairs, outdoor videos, billboards and other media, through broadcasting public service advertisements, fire warning films, mobile phone messages and posters, and other forms, popularize knowledge of fire prevention and self-prevention and self-help.It is necessary to make use of the wechat public account and wechat group platforms of the company to push the fire safety prompt information in high frequency, carry out fire safety training for personnel involved in the industry, and enhance the awareness of fire safety prevention.