The railway police keep the train open on holiday

2022-05-02 0 By

Tianjin public security office car depot by police patrol move garage for train to tianjin public security office car depot civilian police to patrol around the garage by tianjin civilian police to stop the train by the public security office car depot vehicle locking is checked by tianjin public security office car depot police inspection on jurisdiction case records of tianjin public security office car depot the safe hidden trouble of the civilian police to find timely issued the rectification notice of tianjin public securityCar depot in the civilian police to prevent electric railway company worker cheat propaganda February 6 (Beijing, tianjin news (reporter Zhang Daozheng correspondent YueShuai) during the holiday, in order to ensure the security of railway transportation, public security office of tianjin railway car depot the policemen around the “safe, orderly, harmonious Spring Festival festival, festival let passengers experience better work goal, stick to jobs,Constantly strengthen the patrol and inspection of the jurisdiction.Focus on the high-speed rail, parking car body guards, door locking, fire facilities and equipment to focus on inspection, the hidden trouble found in the first time to issue a hidden trouble rectification notice, ordered the relevant unit in charge of rectification.At the same time, the internal staff actively carry out “anti-fraud” education, detailed explanation of the “national anti-fraud center APP” download and use methods, build a solid internal staff property security line, for the area on a “security lock”.(after)