Why don’t many old people remarry?65-year-old Grandpa: Being single is more free and relaxing than being married for the second time

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Guide language:A lot of people have an inherent thinking, think that people must want to have a companion, if not attached, would seem to be very lonely, a person to go out shopping, for example, a person go out for dinner, feeling is lonely, seem to fit into the world, especially after the old, their physical condition gradually weak, if have a wife, a lot of people will feel,He must have been unhappy, alone, with no one to feed him.Even a conversant, such an old man must be very lonely.Is it necessary for a single old man to find a wife in his old age?In fact, the answer is not affirmative, the reality has a lot of single old people have seen the situation, there are a lot of remarried couples, the day is not happy, and even the final fall of chicken fly dozen.Some old people are no longer persistent must find a wife, they spend time and energy on their own, have their own independent thinking, and independent economic ability, so looking for a wife for them, is dispensable, and even some old people feel, single even more free than remarried.At the age of 65, Mr Zou said: “In one’s old age, the only person you can really rely on is yourself. Finding a wife is not necessary. On the other hand, I feel more free and comfortable being single than remarrying.”Let’s take a look at Uncle Zou’s experience.My surname is Zou. I am 65 years old and have been retired for 5 years. I now live in Zhengzhou, Henan province.I have a pension of 3000 yuan every month, although not much, but it is enough for the old people. But I have been restless since childhood, and I can’t do it if I want to stay at home and watch TV.So after I retired, I found a job, mainly because I do not want to idle down, once people idle down easy to think, those good or bad, will pour into their head, so I would rather go out to work, do not want to stay at home as a depressed old man.By chance, I found a calligraphy training company to be a teacher. In fact, after the age of 60, many companies would not consider it, but this calligraphy institution has a class dedicated to serving the elderly, so I wanted to find an older person. Fortunately, I used to be a Chinese teacher, so I was easily hired.We old calligraphy class and youth class, there are some difference between the young people is hard day and want to acquire knowledge, very hard, and we older people more is to edify sentiment, drawing, every day is just for yourself for a job, don’t have much utilitarian, their knowledge to many aspects and the pursuit of not much,I just think that writing can let me cultivate my mind, so that my work is much easier, a month of 4000 yuan salary, I am also very satisfied.In fact, for the elderly, I can still find a job at the age of 60, and the society still needs me, I feel quite satisfied. For me, the salary is not particularly high, I even think 4000 yuan is quite a lot.Before when I taught the students always intrigue against each other and colleagues, class better grades than those who, who this year class graduation rates higher, cause I worried every day, want to let the kids in my class were admitted to tsinghua university, but it is not the same as now, my class is the elderly, everyone’s interests and hobbies, we are of the same age, time is long,We even became friends.I don’t have a competitive relationship with young people, I can talk to them, and one of them is about the same age as my son, and I have become friends with him, because I have this job, I have a renewed passion for life, AND I am really grateful.In fact, I still want to work outside at this age, a large part of the reason is that I am too lonely, my wife left early, and my son is working outside.All the time, I am a person living, if I don’t look for something to do, I am afraid that really will be idle depression.In fact, MY second wife had a daughter. When we were married, my son was still at school. I really wanted to live a good life with her, so I would pay my salary on time every month, hoping to give her a sense of security.But she is a wicked stepmother, at that time I busy with work every day, won’t have time to take care of son, so I gave it to her all this, but later I found out, every time I go out to work, she will beat and scold my son, even not on to his son, her son at school hungry belly, originally I didn’t informed about that, is a neighbor told me quietly,Said that often heard my room there is a child crying, I just know, originally looked so docile she is a two-faced.I divorced her, and since then, I’ve had a lot of offers to set me up again, but I’ve turned them down, because I’m dead inside and I don’t think there are any good women out there who are serious about having a life.At that time, my son was still young, and I didn’t want my only relative to be hurt again, so I lived with my son all these years until he grew up and married a woman from other parts of the country. I felt lonely again, and my son persuaded me several times to find another wife, at least someone to talk to.After several times of his persuasion, I also moved to the idea, the older people are always more afraid of loneliness, I was no exception, I still decided to try again.Relatives introduce me to the small fang, her six years younger than me, she and I talked about two months of be in love, love to her roots, think she is my destiny woman, so I boldly say to her, the small fang said to marry me, but she doesn’t want to be wronged, must give eighty thousand CAI li, without thinking I said yes, because I have so much money, but also really tempted to her.Later, I bought three gold pieces for Xiao Fang, which cost 20,000 yuan. We finally got married and Xiao Fang moved to my house to live.To begin with small fang really special is virtuous, get up at six every day do breakfast for me, home is always clean the clean, I always forget where to put your things before, since small fang come over, I said what she can give me get out immediately, but small fang age younger than me, and would dress up in particular, every time I took her out, friends will be praised me a lot not shallow,This made me especially face, so I decided to give Xiao Fang 3,000 yuan every month for living expenses, this money she can freely use.Although I gave her the cost of living, every time go out shopping, I will take the initiative to pay, this is what I should do as her husband, we live together for a year, I slowly put down on her guard against heart, thought I can have a lasting relationship with her and so on small fang I retired gold card, I directly without thinking.At that time a lot of friends all scold me silly, say I don’t leave a way back for yourself, in case xiao Fang is the kind of person who see money how to do?After all, we are the second marriage, or to be wary of points, or later suffer losses, crying have no place to cry.But at that time, I just thought that my friends were jealous and jealous. After all, not every man can find a wife who is six years younger than himself. Moreover, I think it is difficult for a remarried couple to operate, so we should give each other some trust.However, Xiao Fang’s behavior betrayed my trust in her. Since she took my card, I did not take care of her expenses. Once I accidentally saw her chat records, I found that Xiao Fang’s pension was useless, and she used all the money to supplement her son.I was very angry at that time. If she had used the money to buy clothes and jewelry for herself, I would have nothing to say, but she used my money for her son, which I couldn’t accept.But I still have feelings for Xiao Fang, so I talked with her seriously, confiscated the pension card, but I still give her 3,000 yuan of living expenses every month.I think I do is qualified, but small fang feel wronged, from then on, her attitude towards me, great changes have taken place, even don’t even gave me a meal, I can only some take-away food every day, small fang also can often, sometimes even don’t go home a few days, I ask her go back, he said, but I call her she didn’t answer.One of my friends told me that he saw a small fang at the hotel and a man stepped out and even I saw the photos, I just after the discovery of hindsight, the original small fang has betrayed me, perhaps from the start, small fang don’t like me, and I just think I economic conditions can also together, now I will not give her more money, she would think I have no use value,So he kicked me to the side.Finally I and xiao Fang divorced, this time I completely lost confidence in marriage, until now is a person, during the training class peers with my confession, I refused, I really can not stand to be hurt again.Now that you have make up my mind not remarried, so I’m going to learn the experience of solitude, first of all, I have a job, at least during the day not too lonely, and in the evening, I will go to the park to jump square dance, with their peers talk about gossip, back in a foot bath, a comfortable sleep, so I spent my day in full,There was no time to think about miscellaneous things.Now I a person also pretty happy, I think the old age also doesn’t have to have a wife, because I found that around their friends who go on to remarry, can a handful to be happy, there are a lot of individual women don’t really want to live with, but a man, she is my meal ticket, who retired last who she is, with such feelings is weak.In my opinion, as long as you have money in your pocket and good health, you can live a happy life in your old age. There is no need to bet your happiness on marriage. Such an uncertain relationship will easily make you lose.Guide language: actually remarry has profit to also have disadvantage, profit is beside individual can accompany him, when coming home in the evening unapt too cold and cheerless, look for wife to want him to polish two eyes only, do not want to be calculated by the person that has heart eye, find a true goodness, the person with correct conduct, also can pass very happy.If you want to be proud and single, you should learn to enrich your life. Firstly, you should ensure your health, and secondly, you should have extra food in your pocket. No matter what kind of difficulties you encounter, you will not be defeated easily, and you will naturally live a happy life in your old age.Feel free to leave a comment.