Do women know what a man wants in a marriage?Take a look

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In order to pass on the family name, men have to rely on, or go home with someone, or have delicious food, these are not wrong.But not all, also can saying is not complete, for men, every day can say a lot of things need to be disguised in the outside, the in the mind is not happy, also want to smile, wronged also needs to endure, efforts to make money, home with his wife and children waiting to have a meal, mortgages, car loans, consider their elderly parents, some entertainment is very much also, willing to do, to do, for the money,For the sake of face, you have to force a smile.1. A man with a family, back home is to remove all camouflage, remove all guard, can have their own emotions, to a complete relaxation.We often say that men do not speak out when they are suffering, and men do not play when they are crying.When a man is born, he is labeled as a man. When he grows up, he has to be indomitable and resolute. He has to support a family and take good care of all the family members.So men in the outside have to wear a mask to struggle, no matter how bitter and tired can not speak.In fact, for men, everyone wants to go home and get married. They want to take off all their guard and relax themselves completely, just like the feeling of taking off their coat first thing when they get home. It’s really cool.Home relax yourself, don’t look at who’s face, no matter good or bad don’t have to worry about themselves do wife blame, also need not worry about not making money today wife will leave, this time I can fully relax, there is a free agent, had my own mood, can be unscrupulous unreasonable, just like a child.Who doesn’t love to be admired and adored?Eat a mouthful of their own satisfied meal, tired day, to a bottle of refreshing beer, really good relax, outside all the hard and grievance moment does not exist, really good comfortable.2. To go home and be recognized and loved in equal measure.Now there are too many women, always to the husband all kinds of dislike, earn enough money, meet is all kinds of nagging and complaining, never see a smiling face, a face of class struggle.Men don’t speak hygiene, belly also big, not enough to care about themselves.Otherwise, take other men and his husband to compare, compared to their own family of men completely lost human appearance, can be said to be good for nothing.In a woman’s mouth, this man is really useless. Everything in the family comes from a strong wind, and she feels that her husband has no contribution to the family.The man works outside, go to work by the leadership suppression, come home from work even by the wife sarcasm ridicule, day to night a little sense of achievement are not, this also calculated, the most let a person heartache is all that he pays, let a person a few words leave all deny to drop.Oneself no matter right and wrong all want to endure, the wife calculate do wrong thing, oneself also want to go against one’s heart to make amends to apologize, otherwise endless, truth cannot speak, or you be not a man, the man is wrong forever.Also do not know which grandson said that the home is not reasonable place, can only speak of love, poison chicken soup is not shallow.You say if it can’t make sense, then why should this family come back?If a woman does this every day, what man can put up with it for long?3 about the sense of security that people often say, for this sentence are women like to say, only women need a sense of security, men do not need it?The same need to feel safe.The sense of security that the woman says is dote on however and favour, old age when don’t be abandoned by the man, old have depend on.What about men?Men want is a woman to be able to keep his place, his back planted another grass, men are afraid of their own.The same women can control their emotions, afraid of cheating, worried about their female social circle is too complicated, how many people can withstand temptation, every man wants his wife to be married, men are the same idea.You have to know that there is no perfect marriage in this world. It is impossible to live a life without conflict.Behind the happiness will have a lot of sad and helpless, to speak is tolerance and understanding, popular point is on each other, a lot of time in marriage is confused, can’t say anything to seriously, as long as no error in principle, to give each other, you know my love for you, you know what I pay is not easy,Be sure to know that there is no permanent love in a family on the line, husband and wife should also know how to return, why does he love you?Why should you love him?If there is no one to count on, no one to depend on, the family is over.Conclusion, go together is fate, don’t think other people’s woman is good, other people’s husband is good, what you see is just the surface, close the door is a chicken feather, steadfast life, don’t have nothing to look for a thing, you say?