Guangdong these 3 wine attract who provoke who?Pk Wuliangye, but now suffer all the eyes

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Guide language: Guangdong these 3 wine moves who to provoke who?The baijiu industry is one of the characteristic industries in China with a long brewing history. Almost every region has its own characteristic baijiu.Among them, guangdong, as the main market of soy wine, is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese wine culture and has produced numerous famous wines.Ten years ago, guangdong Wine Industry Association once evaluated “Guangdong top ten famous wine”, these ten famous wine each has its own historical background, over the years, deeply recognized by the market, is the reputation of guangdong wine among the people.However, in today’s liquor market, these famous Guangdong wines are becoming less and less famous, and many non-local wine lovers have never even heard of them. Why is this?Let’s take a look, Guangdong 3 high open low liquor, taste clearly does not lose Wuliangye, or even PK, but now suffer all eyes, in the end who provoked who?1, “guangdong maotai” – fly fly chardonnay chardonnay liquid liquid produced in qingyuan winery, locally, the winery is one of the biggest brewery, first of all, won the national liquor production license is one of the biggest enterprise of guangdong province including production, liquid fly chardonnay is the production of main products, color, flavor and maotai is very close to, also has the title of “guangdong maotai”, is one of the “guangdong top ten wine”.Over the years, it has been rated as the quality product of Guangdong Province, and now, as an old brand of wine in Guangdong, it is the second to none maotai-fragrant wine in Guangdong.2. “Originator of soy-flavor liquor” — originator of Shiwan Jade ice-roasted soy-flavor liquor. Shiwan Jade ice-roasted soy-flavor liquor has been the national high-quality liquor for three consecutive times.It is unique to use fat meat as liquor raw material in China.The rice wine produced is soft and sweet, with strong aroma and clear body.Since then, the technique of making wine with fat pork has been passed down.Shiwan winery has developed to now has a hundred years of history, jade ice not only has a hundred years of craft inheritance, but also with foshan and Lingnan unique style.But for outsiders, the pork – brewed jade ice – yaki is still a little less acceptable.But it is said to be selling well in Southeast Asia.3. “Marlboro in Wine” — Jiujiang Double Steamed Jiujiang Double Steamed wine is still the main force of baijiu in Guangzhou, with advertising screens landing in 9 neighboring cities.However, there are still shortcomings in the low-end market, lack of competitiveness in the Chinese market.This wine has two flavors, one is rice flavor, the other is black bean flavor, belongs to the double track development.The name of the product is named after the place of origin plus the fermentation process.Raw materials are mainly glutinous rice, rice, beans made into yeast, old meat by the brew immersion.Taste or good, mellow, clean, harmonious, like to drink more people.After seeing the experience of these 3 wines in Guangdong, what do you think?Do you have liquor like this?In fact, we do not say I also know, now the liquor market competition is too fierce, each province unavoidably “submerged” a lot of good wine, I am familiar with, there are 2 like this wine.The founder of this wine has always been adhering to the belief in doing wine, devoted to improving the quality of the wine, to create this affordable ration wine that people can drink.The raw materials are selected high-quality wheat and glutinous sorghum, chishui River water, and finally the traditional “12987” brewing process, every drop is precious.Wine liquid jade-like run is slightly yellow, open bottle cap, fragrance can sweep whole house, fine smell can smell grain sweet and honey sweet.Drink a mouthful, explode fragrant mellow, can taste a slight sour taste, shengjin feeling full.The middle fruit and cellar fragrance burst out, mellow without miscellaneous flavor, drink a mouthful, it is an endless aftertaste!Unfortunately, the wine visibility is too poor, out of Guizhou no one knows, not welcome, good wine “dust”, it is a pity!The predecessor of the wine is Jiangxi Ganzhou winery, founded in 1952, is the state purchase of local old name Wanyuan Xiji wine stack and established.The wine has long been loved by jiangxi people for its attractive aroma, mellow taste, harmonious fragrance and clean end taste.It has won the title of “National famous food industry product”, “Famous wine of Jiangxi Province” and other titles, which is exempt from inspection in Jiangxi Province.Jiangxi’s baijiu, however, has long been viewed with suspicion, and the reason for this is probably unknown only to locals.Well, that’s it for today. What other great wines do you know that have been buried?Feel free to share in the comments section.