Listen to the mother-in-law’s words bridal chamber hit full cabinet, in a year, the cabinet of these 4 places really want to tear down

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Remember when I was decorating the house, the family said to me again and again, should make good use of all the space in the home, hit a few more cabinets, can be a few more storage space, the future will live more and more things.When it comes to living, I really don’t have much experience, so according to the old man, I made a lot of cabinets at home, there are many places to put things, but after living there for more than a year, there are four places I wish I could remove them.Why is that?Let me tell you slowly!1, corridor shoe ark actually at first I was against in the corridor shoe ark, but the mother-in-law said the door dozen a shoe ark is good, also did so.After shoe ark is done, although the whole in the home looks neat many, but shoe also lost many, the gain outweighs the loss!2, balcony storage cabinet balcony is a three-side transparent place, there is sunshine in, put a rocking chair bask in the sun.But after the balcony hit store content ark, the light that discovers a cabinet arrives the balcony is many, and, no matter be real wood or plank, the sun basks in can be out of shape.Have decorate a problem to can contact stylist qijiagC3, toilet condole ark at the very start when toilet is hit condole ark, it is to plan to put the articles for daily use such as a few toilet paper, washing liquid, eliminate poison, I worry the damp can let cabinet be affected with damp, did dry wet separation specially so, but still did not escape the destiny that cabinet is affected with damp deformation.Looking at the cabinet affected by damp, disassembling is not, stay is not, really headache!4, TV wall background cabinet for all housewives, dust is undoubtedly the biggest natural enemy.Such big setting ark, not to mention the whole feeling of the sitting room has some depression, dust removal for the cabinet is also a not small project every time!If I could turn back time, I would choose to make useful cabinets in the right place, rather than let them take up all of my living space.