“Slow Hand no” single 32G 3200 memory 599 yuan

2022-05-03 0 By

The price of jingdong’s product is currently 799 yuan. If you place an order and get a coupon of 799 yuan less than 200 yuan, the actual payment will be as low as 599 yuan. It adopts DDR4 specifications, with a rate of 3200Mbps, a timing of 19 and a voltage of 1.2V.”VIPER GAMING” is a sub-brand of VIPER Technology, which started to create a dedicated game bar in 2007. It has been sold internationally as “VIPER GAMING” and registered its Chinese name in China as “VIPER GAMING”.Bodi technology has been Intel and AMD in memory chip global important partners, so in the overclocked part of Intel and AMD platforms have excellent performance, loved by global game players.Currently, overclocked memory sticks and stable SSD are among the preferred products for players seeking the ultimate esports experience.(7870199).