Ever think that maybe you don’t know your child?

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Parents are worried about their children’s poor grades, but I find few people really care about why their children don’t love learning and hate school so much.In fact, if you don’t solve this problem, you can’t expect your child to be able to make rapid progress one day as the legend has it.I didn’t like studying. I hated school.Because I don’t like the teacher, for reasons I won’t reveal.At the same time, I find school very boring. The break time is too short, and the class time is too boring.As a result, I never got good grades.Remember at that time my grandma was still alive when she commented on her two grandchildren and two grandchildren said: boys!It’ll be fine when you grow up.However, I did not study well when I grew up. I barely graduated from secondary school and studied for junior college for two years, but I could not go on. Then my father met the boss of an overseas study agency.Because I have experienced much, it can even be said that as long as the child avoids the problems I encountered at that time, then the child will certainly learn well.For example, my son is like this. I have been deliberately avoiding problems or sorting them out for him in advance. Now he is very popular with teachers and classmates, and he can keep his concentration in class.This shows that my theory is valid.If you agree, please read on.Going back to the origin of the problem, there are many reasons why children do not like learning, dislike teachers or dislike a classmate is only part of the reason.In the last few years of my deep self-dissection of education, I have indeed discovered that many of the problems that had been ignored in the past are still being passed on.The first truth I want to say is that people need to get the truth they want, always consult other people’s opinions in the first place instead of looking for it themselves.Experts are all very nice, but do they really know your child better than you do?In my observations, it’s not how much the experts know about your child, but how little you know about your child.In the tests I have done, I always find that those parents who think their children have problems have a common character, that is, they define their children’s problems subjectively, but often the results are not at all what the parents thought at first.Taking this as the premise, are parents the participants in family education?Or the creator of the parent-child problem?As I made clear in another post, the hallmark of a qualified parent is an extra step between identifying a problem and solving it.This is essential if you want to get to know your children.So what is this step?It’s about looking at a problem from the outside.In reality, a lot of things are really not what we imagine, children are independent individuals, often parents still treat them as children, their self-awareness has slowly grown up.This is exactly when parents don’t understand their children.Its time period more in the child primary school two to five grade.Because parents at this time should be at ease with the child, neglect to observe the child.As a result, the golden time to find the signs of problems is missed, and finally the parents blindly look for solutions according to their past understanding of their children at the moment when the problems break out.The road of family education is the only way for the whole family to study, work hard and make progress together.There are no shortcuts. To maintain progress, you have to start with basic cognitive changes. If you look back on the above, do you really know your child?Want to know more exciting content, come to the north room three chat about education view, Ant B plan, WASSIMSTOPMOTION