Fierce!This guy from our city served as the domestic technical officer of alpine skiing in Beijing Winter Olympics

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“It is the honor of my life to be the domestic technical officer of alpine skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Fang jianwei told reporters on February 8 that from January 21 to February 21, he served as the domestic technical officer for the Alpine skiing events of the Beijing Winter Olympics to ensure the smooth operation of the events.Fang Jianwei, 26, is a staff member of lingwu Municipal Discipline inspection Commission.In college, the sporty Fang switched from handball to alpine skiing. From his junior year, he represented his school and won the national championship in alpine skiing.Since then, his love for skiing has been out of control.”Every winter vacation I practice skiing in Beijing. Every year I come back to Lingwu on the eve of the Chinese New Year from university to graduate school. Most of my winter vacation time is almost spent in the Beijing ski resort.”Fang Jianwei told reporters with a smile, when the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee sports secretary administration department sent the invitation letter to the unit, he was very excited, for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to contribute their own strength is his dream.The domestic technical officer of the Winter Olympic Games, referred to as NTO, is the general name of technical representative, competition officials, referees and metering officials.Domestic technical officers have to go through NTO training and several rounds of examination by the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, as well as oral English practice.It was not easy to be invited to serve as the “NTO” for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Due to the special nature of snow and ice events, it is necessary to have track testers to test the safety of the track and the wind direction before the competition to ensure the smooth running of the race, which is usually done by professional athletes.”Every day at 4 a.m., Fang gets up to get everything ready, rushing to the track to complete maintenance work hours before the race.After the race, the track should be cleared and safety nets installed so that the next day’s events can proceed smoothly.Fang jianwei runs a 3,152-meter track in five sections for the alpine event.He and the other five members of his team are responsible for a section called “Haituo Bowl.””The race section is a curve, the slope curve is very large, if there is a mistake, it is easy to fall down, it will take a long time to climb up.”Fang Jianwei laughs, because ski clothes are airtight, inside a sweat, outside the cold wind, the body “fire and ice”, it is easy to catch a cold.”I will live up to my mission, work hard, do my best in judging and serving the world, show the Chinese people to the world, and contribute to the smooth running of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”Fang jianwei said.(Ningxia Daily reporter Zhang Xiaohui) Source: Ningxia Daily client this issue editor: Yang Lipeng Responsible editor: Ma Pengcheng review: Chen Yuhua