Honor to launch “new machine” again?12GB+256GB+66W+ curved screen, only 2799 yuan

2022-05-04 0 By

Declaration: original is not easy, prohibited handling, offenders will investigate!Is there a new honor?This isn’t actually a new flagship phone, but rather honor’s enhanced operating memory and storage capacity.So this identity is a little awkward, said that the new phone is not, but the updated storage version, as the original model on a kind of improvement.In fact, Honor does this a lot. It launches a phone first, stays at 8GB, and then goes back to smU storage, which is 12GB+256GB.The Honor 60 SE went on sale in February, but there was no version available at that time.The reason for glory to do so also makes little sense. It’s less about polishing the product, more about maintaining the market heat of the phone and continuing the cycle of the phone.For users who expect a larger version, after understanding this habit of glory, they will not worry too much about the purchase of the larger version is always behind.Honor has also contributed a number of mobile products to the market since its separation from Huawei.The range is very wide, low and medium end products, as well as top flagship phones, Honor has also launched foldable phones.The market positioning of Honor 60 SE is that it is a mid-range PC product. The market price of the maximum 12GB+256GB is only 2799 yuan.The price is still very close to the people, so this mid-end machine, in addition to a large size of the storage version, what are the advantages?Or what the selling points are, and whether they’re worth buying.The screen is the phone’s biggest highlight.When the Honor 60 was released, it was billed as the ceiling of the appearance level, while the arrival of the Honor 60 SE was billed as the ceiling of the screen of the same price model.That’s just how strong the Honor 60 SE is on screen.In a large number of mobile phone products, the mid-range phone should have its own characteristics, only in this way can it stand out.So the Honor 60 SE is focused on the screen, and there is now a clear division between the high-end and mid-range screens.High-end flagship phones, often with curved and OLED screens.Curved screens cost more and are considered top-of-the-line.And for low-end products, often equipped with a straight screen, LCD screen.The Honor 60 SE has changed that by offering a curved screen in the middle, making it more accessible to screen-conscious users.In addition to the curved screen design, it also has 1 billion color display, supports 1920Hz HIGH-FREQUENCY PWM dimming function, and supports 120Hz high brush.The overall screen quality, how to look at the high-end flagship configuration.The experience that a good screen place brings feels, it is completely different, smooth, tactician, had promotion.With a high quality screen, the rest of the configuration is a bit lonely.It is equipped with mediatek Breguet 900, which is not a flagship chip, but enough for everyday performance needs.In terms of mobile phone photography, it is also fairly standard, using 64 million pixels of three.Battery life is also a big selling point for the Honor 60 SE.It comes with a 4,000mah battery and 66W fast charge.The charging speed of the mobile phone is also greatly improved when it meets the power demand, and there is no need to wait too long.Do you think such a cost-effective curved screen phone is worth buying?