Practice of civilization in the New era | Lianhu District: Dress up the city and polish the background of civilization

2022-05-04 0 By

Dress up the appearance of the city, enhance the image of civilization, to build a better home.This weekend, in the streets and lanes of lianhu District, residential courtyards, residential buildings…A touch of bright “voluntary red” has become a beautiful civilization scenery.On February 19, Beiguan street, relying on the new era civilization practice institute, organized to carry out environmental sanitation renovation, scrub, urban order renovation volunteer service activities.The volunteers in red vests carried out a comprehensive improvement on the environmental hygiene of the residential yard. In view of the phenomenon of debris accumulation in the corridor, the volunteers cleaned the shoe cabinets and cardboard boxes that occupied the fire passageway to eliminate potential safety hazards and clean the walls of the corridor, creating a clean and good living environment for the residents.During the activity, the volunteers also rearranged the shared bikes scattered on the green belt, the entrance and exit of the community and the pedestrian passage, so that the original scattered parking area became orderly.”We hope that today’s event will encourage more people to practice the concept of civilization and work together to maintain a clean and tidy living environment in the community.”Party member volunteer Mr. Zhang said.On the morning of 19th, Liansi community of Qingnian Road street started from solving the dirty, disorderly and poor environment of the community, organizing staff and volunteers to clean up the household garbage, wild advertising and sundry in the community yard, and urged the merchants to implement the responsibility system of “three guarantees in front of the door”, and promptly rectify the problems found.At the same time, the illegal parking along Lianhu Road, occupying the blind lane of the vehicle owners to contact the timely removal, further enhance the civilized traffic awareness of residents, improve the community surrounding traffic order.The early morning of 19 days still have filar silk chill, but tu Men street far east east community is already a scene in full swing.Community grid members and resident volunteers, after a short assembly and division of tasks, took the shovel, cloth, bucket and other tools, the road and surrounding environmental sanitation to clean, carefully clean up the building, propaganda board, enclosure, telephone pole pasted on the wild advertising.In the process of cleaning up, volunteers also from time to time to the passers-by to promote “garbage sorting”, “civilized dog” and other civilized concepts, guide residents to start from their own, develop good civilized habits.Taoyuan Road Street Labouyifang Community Party Committee, together with the area property company, more than 30 volunteers to carry out environmental health promotion activities.They came to the community yard to clean up the clutter in the community. The volunteers also took brooms and garbage bags to remove the silt and fallen leaves piled up on the rainwater well one by one. Some dead corners that were not easy to touch, they reached out to grab them without hesitation.After finishing the road cleaning, grid workers and volunteers moved to the building to clean the debris in the corridor, remove the wall, the door and the newspaper box of the wild advertising, to ensure that the corridor public areas clean and tidy.On February 19, the North Yuanmen street Yingchun community Party branch called on the area of the “red pioneer” volunteer service team of party members to carry out the “purification of the environment and beautify the community” spring cleaning activities, volunteers on the green belt garbage, debris in the corridor, the surrounding weeds outside the building, the walls of oil and wild advertising to clean up.Qiaozikou community in the launch of voluntary cleaning service activities, but also called on community residents to start from the small things around, consciously do not litter, not disorderly pile, standardize their words and deeds, care for public facilities, advocate everyone to set an example, through practical action, to build a beautiful home.