Songjiang New Town “Cloud Hall” was completed, marking the new city movement of “Shanghai culture”

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Songjiang New Town “yunjian hall” completed, played “Shanghai culture” new city movement songjiang new Town’s major cultural projects and public projects – yunjian hall culture and art center, yesterday completed and ushered in the first show.From the architectural style, landscape, to the planning and arrangement of the exhibition, the first appearance of the cloud hall filled with thick songjiang flavor, the wind of The Times, the future is expected to become a landmark cultural center of the new city and even the Yangtze River Delta, thus helping to start the “Shanghai culture” brand.Yunjian Hall culture and art Center is a major project of songjiang District Government, which is located in the south of zuibaichi, a famous garden in the south of the Yangtze River, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan.It gets its name from the fact that songjiang has been given many nicknames over thousands of years, including “Huating”, “Mushroom City” and “Valley Water”, among which “Yunjian” is probably the most poetic and imaginative.The synagogue composition is mainly between “2 + 3”, the two big main building are clouds theatre, clouds synagogue art exhibition hall, at the same time, cultural centers, libraries, cultural resources, songjiang district, distribution center also settle hereat, making the entire cloud synagogue set between human height, artistic, charm city as a whole, have the ability to become a comprehensive high-quality cultural landmarks in the future.Songjiang District is under the guidance of ceaselessly red culture, fusion of Shanghai culture and focus on Jiangnan culture, to create a cultural city with thick history and new era civilization.One of the important tasks was the completion of the Yun Kam Hall.In architectural style, yunjian hall focuses on highlighting jiangnan culture.The two main buildings, designed by master architect Xing Tonghe, highlight the “New Chinese” aesthetic style.The wavy shape of the two roofs, like two books turned upside down after being opened, reflects the profound historical and cultural heritage of Songjiang. At the same time, the undulating outline also resembles the iconic skyline of Songjiang — the winding nine Peaks of Songjun, showing the beauty of the landscape.On the facade of the building, the vertical decoration in alternate shades is like black and white keys, which implicate the image of “qin and music”, meaning to play the magnificent rules of The Times.In the aspect of outdoor landscape, Yunjian Hall uses a lot of Chinese garden techniques and integrates more songjiang elements.The square in the south is covered with soil to form unrolling terrain and decorated with pine, cloud and stone. The mirror pool is arranged in the central axis to form a reflection, introducing the artistic conception of “Jiufeng Sanmao”, the landscape skeleton of Songjiang Into the garden.Facing the central area of the gate, the pine landscape is highlighted with gentle slope modeling, and the twin deer sculpture symbolizes the two famous figures in songjiang history — Lu Ji and Lu Yun brothers in jin Dynasty, forming the landscape of “Erlu Reading table”.The sunken atrium between the theater and the exhibition hall, with Lingbi stone, Taihu stone and Taishan stone, supplemented by the “dry landscape” technique, the interpretation of songjiang history of another cultural allum “Tianma three Gao Shi”.It is worth mentioning that, due to adjacent to the famous garden Drunk White Pool, yunjian Hall also adopts the method of borrowing scenery to introduce the landscape of the park into the line of sight, thus forming a continuous landscape scroll.Yesterday’s first performance and exhibition can be said to highlight the historical and contemporary cultural temperament of Songjiang New Town in addition to the hardware level of software.The highlight of yunjian’s first concert was the invitation of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to present the first movement of the symphony G60 By composer Qiang Weihao.Yunjian Hall art exhibition hall generously gave the first exhibition space to the songjiang history of the two “intangible heritage peak” — kesi, gu embroidery, in addition, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta artists exquisite handicrafts “Jiangnan Handwork conference” also held at the same time in another hall.According to reports, in the next two or three months, with more cultural facilities and carriers moved into and perfect, cloud hall is expected to turn into a formal operation, which will further promote the construction of songjiang new city’s cultural image, enhance songjiang people’s sense of gain.As the Yangtze river delta, songjiang district, at the same time, also the G60 will be kechuang corridor, on cloud theatre, the future may also introduce more G60 will be kechuang arts groups along the corridor, become the best new log in Shanghai, one of the most important stage in promoting integration of Yangtze river delta to the deep cultural level, and continue to “Shanghai culture” brand war “.(Zhang Yi)