Tense atmosphere, Macron finds Putin unusual!The situation is out of control and the US still can’t believe it

2022-05-04 0 By

After a series of talks with Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, Macron said that the situation between Russia and Ukraine is developing in a good direction.But Mr. Macron still felt the tension, especially in his meeting with Mr. Putin, in whom it was clear that Mr. Macron was out of whack.In the past, Mr Putin has often mocked western provocations and military threats against Russia in front of European leaders.But this time, Macron found that Putin is not only less sarcastic, but also not in the mood for picking fights with the West.It was a clear sign that Nearly a year of tension between Russia and Ukraine had worn out Mr. Putin’s patience.And if Putin loses patience and peaceful dialogue fails to resolve tensions with Ukraine and reduce the threat posed by NATO’s eastward expansion, Putin will, to a large extent, choose to take action and show Russia’s attitude to the West.Putin has said many times that he will not allow Ukraine to join NATO, let alone allow NATO military installations in Ukraine!If NATO has its way, Europe will be drawn into military conflict.Therefore, macron’s visit to Russia and Ukraine and Scholz’s visit to the United States may seem to be the result of Europe sensing the tension between Russia and Ukraine and taking the initiative to mediate between the two sides, but in fact, this is also the result of passive choice at the moment of its own crisis.However, in the end, Germany and France to promote the Russia-Ukraine security dialogue, Putin took the European olive branch, but it is a bit unacceptable to the United States!First of all, the EMERGENCE of tensions between Russia and Ukraine is not without the credit of the United States, so the United States naturally regards itself as the key factor in the easing of tensions between Russia and Ukraine.Then, it has been the United States that has led Europe in using the situation with Ukraine to put pressure on Russia.But now, Germany and France walk away, and re-promote Russia and Ukraine to restore the situation to the original state, also made no small progress!This means that the direction of the russia-Ukraine situation has nothing to do with the United States.When tensions were high with Ukraine, Putin ignored The United States, and now the United States has been sidelined by direct talks between The Europeans and Russia.For the US, the situation in Russia and Ukraine is out of its control!This is biden did not expect, for the current russia-Ukraine situation, for Europe and Russia sitting together, the United States still can not believe this result!The United States still believes that Europe cannot talk to Russia alone, and that the United States, a key point, cannot be sidelined.But here we are, and the US can’t believe it — and has to believe it — that biden’s stunt to use tensions with Ukraine to put pressure on Russia and rally European Allies turned out to be a ploy for Europe.The situation between Russia and Ukraine was finally restored to the original status quo thanks to the efforts of Europe and Russia, which not only represented the failure of Biden’s plan, but also further reduced the influence of the United States in Europe.After all, when The European side is extremely concerned about the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the United States personally ended up with a series of dialogues with Russia with the EU and NATO, which not only failed to make effective progress, but also pushed the situation to a higher level of tension. Russia failed to comply with the expectations, which is the failure of the United States.When, in the end, Europe itself de-escalates the russia-Ukraine situation and defuses tensions with Russia, it will become clearer that the United States, a country outside the region, is really dispensable for Europe.And that would be fatal to the United States!After all, everyone knows that Europe, once the leader of the Western world, has long wanted to change.Some European powers are also promoting the Project of Strengthening Europe, but they have not found the right opportunity!Now, the russia-Ukraine situation has given Europe an opportunity to increase its voice and promote European military autonomy, an important step away from its military dependence on the United States.(Paper airplane)