The first half of 2022 Training session for People’s Mediators was held in Jushan Street, Xingyi City

2022-05-04 0 By

In order to further strengthen the construction of the team of people’s mediators, improve the level of legal knowledge and professional quality of people’s mediators, and effectively play the important role of the team of people’s mediators in resolving mass disputes and contradictions, on February 16, the People’s Mediator professional training meeting was held in Jushan Street, Xingyi City.Nearly 50 people’s mediators (27 full-time mediators) from Jishan Comprehensive Control Office, police station, judicial office and community branch secretary (director) were trained.The training was delivered by Luo Bin, a staff member of Jushan Judicial Institute.Training at the meeting, Mr Luo combined with their own experience, engaged in the work of people’s mediation using the requisition and real cases of family disputes conflict mediation, tells the story of the importance of people’s mediation work of basic legal knowledge, the people’s conciliation, mediation file writing and mediation techniques and experiences, share their conciliation, and matters needing attention, etc.The teaching content is easy to understand, close to reality and strong operability.The mediators were also provided with the People’s Mediation Law of the People’s Republic of China and answers to practical questions on the People’s Mediation Law.Mediators all expressed that they benefited a lot from the training and learned practical mediation skills and knowledge. They would further strengthen their study in the future, perform their duties as mediators, and make positive contributions to maintaining the harmony and stability of Jishan.