“The world” bingkun and Zheng Juan’s first sight, is the secular world the most real living color

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After only watching a few episodes, I was deeply attracted by the wonderful plot.At the beginning of the week, the three children’s different and distinct personalities are very attractive, they treat the love in life, have the same firm and persistent!Zhou Bingkun inadvertently broke in, but caught a glimpse of the secular world’s most real life.Love is so magical, Zhou Bingkun often surrounded by chirping Spring Yan, but he only saw once zheng Juan never forget.Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s first sight, simple living environment can not cover up the beauty and temptation from young women.Bingkun in addition to mother, sister outside of women’s cognition and the first time the germinating youth in zheng Juan, sleep hormones were completely activated.The boy’s first move is mostly because of the other side’s high appearance level, and the desire to protect the weak woman, and Zheng Juan both.Zheng Juan and bingkun meet for the first time, I still pity to describe the impression of Zheng Juan bingkun is the most appropriate.Grasp he is the youngest in my home, have been enjoying care from parents and brother elder sister, but he is a strong sense of responsibility, responsible man, in his current home environment, however, bear his manhood and courage had not useful, because he was everybody love spoil LaoErZi and little brother.When bingkun met Zheng Juan and Zheng Juan family becomes different.This is a swaying in the wind and rain, dilapidated home, old mother, young son and weak helpless beautiful woman, in the face of such a situation, bingkun how could be indifferent?A man just wanted to help them out.To refuse to welcome zheng Juan was used to perfection.She is not scheming, she is sincerely refused bingkun, the status quo of her survival is really need a healthy adult man to help, bingkun just the right time, she needs bingkun, can not leave him.The relationship between the two people is like playing tai chi. Between pushing and pulling, the surprise at the initial meeting, the pity in the contact, and the mutual concern in the later restraint, gradually evolved into a strong friendship…It’s too thick to melt!From the appearance level of love in the process of sublimation, on each other’s psychological needs, emotional dependence and reliance on real life, will be transformed into a more and more close adhesive.So, in Zheng Juan and bingkun, love comes very suddenly, but just right.Even today, Bing Kun’s determination to pursue love is admirable.The original Zheng Juan bingkun even if there is love, more is also extravagant hopes, Zheng Juan poor living environment let her dare not have any fantasy of the ideal love object, survival is the first.Bingkun is to give Zheng Juan bright and beautiful dream of man, how lucky she is ah, met a good bingkun!Life in the happiness before, always have to walk with suffering for some distance.Have a good heart, like having a beacon on the way to happiness, not confused on the way forward.Zhou Bingkun is a good man with a sense of responsibility, but also a kind person.Zheng Juan’s beautiful appearance is also wrapped with a grateful heart.Although the two love from the level of appearance, but also similar soul attraction.Hand in hand to the sea of life, this is love out of the most beautiful flowers!