@parents!There are major adjustments in undergraduate programs this year

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According to the data released by the Ministry of Education, engineering is the largest among the 31 newly added majors, involving 12 professional categories and 14 specific majors, reflecting the distinctive feature of interdisciplinary integration of new engineering.Art involves 3 professional categories, there are 5 specific majors;Agriculture involves 3 professional categories, there are 3 specific majors;Economics, law and management each involve two professional categories, and each has two specific majors.Pedagogy, history, science each involve a professional category, each has a specific major.Most of the 31 new majors listed in the Undergraduate Major Directory of Ordinary universities start with “intelligence” or “wisdom”, such as intelligent energy engineering, intelligent construction and intelligent transportation, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent earth exploration, intelligent transportation engineering, intelligent ocean technology, intelligent forestry and so on.New majors such as labor education, which was launched by the government last year, and Hydrogen science and engineering, which is being vigorously developed, were also selected.In 2021, 1,773 undergraduate majors will be added to the registration system. Artificial intelligence leads the list, with 95 universities adding the major, including Peking University, University of International Business and Economics, and Southwest University.Intelligent manufacturing engineering was the second major, with 53 universities adding this major, including Hohai University, Wuhan University and Chongqing University.It is worth mentioning that artificial intelligence has become the major with the most new records for three consecutive years.From the distribution of the number of newly registered undergraduate majors in ordinary universities, Guizhou University and Tarim University have the most newly registered undergraduate majors, with 18 newly registered undergraduate majors.It was followed by Yanshan University and Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, with 16 newly registered undergraduate majors.During the adjustment, 804 specialties have been removed, and some schools have removed more than 10 specialties at a time.The major of information management and information system was cancelled the most, with a total of 33 universities.The second major was public service management, which was cancelled by 31 universities.The main reason for the cancellation lies in the lack of students and low quality in the entrance.On the export side, the quality of employment is poor;In addition, there are some majors, such as public administration, that are more suitable at the graduate level.The cancellation also reflects the quality orientation of colleges and universities. Instead of pursuing perfection, colleges and universities concentrate on running competitive majors well.In the face of new changes, how do examinees and parents make choices?Faced with the new changes brought about by the new professional, we have a risk tip: two points for test takers family remind 1: “new” and “not sure” accompanied the country new professional promising, but not to enter oneself for an examination of the data for reference, the examinee family should be combined with interest in specialty, on the basis of comprehensive consideration, rational choice, avoid blind chase “new”.Artificial intelligence is the most “hot” undergraduate major in colleges and universities in 2022. In addition to science and engineering colleges and comprehensive universities, some teachers, finance and agriculture colleges and universities have added this major to the record list in recent years.Enter oneself for an examination so when this major, want to consider college more “family background”.Source: Inner Mongolia Enrollment test information network