Finally waiting for you, fortunately I did not give up

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The above moments was posted by Li Gang (pseudonym) on October 23, 2021.This day, a 3.2kg male treasure was born in peace, came to The life of Li Gang, at this time of Li Gang with tears in the smile, because no one understand the baby for Li Gang couple is how hard-won.Qitai’s Li Gang has been married to his wife Jing Jing (pseudonym) for two years since January 2019. The couple have a sweet relationship and are ready to have a baby.But somehow, in the year of pregnancy, Li Gang’s lover began to have irregular menstruation, sometimes nearly 2 months will come once a menstruation.Two people go to the local hospital to check, the result shows quietly suffering from serious polycystic ovary syndrome, one of its effects is abnormal ovulation, which also means that it is difficult to conceive a baby smoothly.At first, they opted for the relatively conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.”We went to many well-known and unknown TCM doctors for treatment, and the most expensive one cost more than 3,000 yuan a week, and we drank it for months.”Li Gang said, “But I have not been able to control the problem of multiple lovers, menstruation is still disorder, and the stomach has not moved.”Li Gang thought, since the local hospital is not good, then simply go to Urumqi, there may be a hope.So the couple went to a well-known general hospital in the capital, but months passed without good news.The couple have tried every trick in the book and spent more than half a million yuan since preparing for the birth, which is almost a drain on their savings for an average family.Constantly shuttling between various hospitals for examination and treatment, constantly back and forth between Urumqi and Qitai, constantly asking for leave with unit leaders……All this, also let Li Gang couple exhausted, nearly collapse.But neither of them thought about giving up on having a baby.In March 2020, by chance, Li Gang heard that qitai County Central Hospital had an Internet remote clinic. He immediately did his homework at home and then came to the hospital with his wife full of hope.After examination, silent underlying diseases are more, in addition to suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, but also suffering from bilateral tubal obstruction, chronic endometritis and left breast nodules.After a series of recuperation, treatment, remote expert thinks quiet already had better gestation condition, then at the beginning of 2021, transplanting two embryos for quiet, actually a success!”So soon to hear the news that my wife is pregnant, I was dumbfounded, even a few seconds of a blank brain, and when I come back to god, my wife and I have hugged together in tears!If we had known that the cost was low and the treatment cycle was short, we would not have run so much and spent so much money in vain…”Li gang said.Now the baby has been born for more than two months, the baby is very healthy, lively and laughing, bringing a lot of joy to the couple’s life.In order to express gratitude, Li Gang specially to make a banner, which reads: “superb medical skills send son, degaonen heavy deep as the sea.”For a rainy day the young couple, still in the hospital frozen this cycle did not use another two precious embryos, quietly said: “I discussed with the husband, such as the son a little bit bigger, my body also recovered a little better when we conceive two children again!”