The Year of the Tiger: Cute or hidden?

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In the year of tiger, tiger-headed children grow a small tiger tooth, many adults are kua lovely.But are tiger teeth cute or hidden?Recently, the reporter interviewed xie Yonglin, director of stomatology department of downtown hospital.The teeth are called cusps or single cusps in medicine. The teeth are arranged in a solitary shape, or a bow shape.From the face of the middle line up and down the left and right sides of the third tooth, pointed, called on medicine fangs.But if the cusp is tilted outwards and is on the lip of the normal arch, then it looks like a tiger’s tooth or a canine tooth, so it’s called a tiger’s tooth or a canine tooth.”Xie Yonglin pointed to the data on the picture to reporters.Xie Yonglin told reporters that if the tiger teeth can not sprout from the normal position, affecting the appearance, it is recommended to regular dental institutions for correction.If the teeth have erupted and are outside the normal dental arch, consult a doctor, depending on the situation.If the teeth are completely impacted, cannot be moved to their normal position through orthodontics, or have severe caries, they need to be removed.Improper arrangement of teeth will not be conducive to oral hygiene, food impaction and bad breath.Serious cases can lead to gum inflammation or tooth decay, and even trauma to the lining of the mouth.In stomatology, there are four kinds of teeth. Take the upper left tooth as an example. The first and second teeth are called incisors from the middle line.The third tooth, called a cusp;The fourth and fifth teeth, called bicuspid or premolars, chew food and help the fangs tear food.The last few are the molars, for grinding food.”Xie Yonglin introduced that children’s tooth and jaw development is generally 3-12 years old, before the age of 12 parents should pay attention to.In the replacement period (6-12 years old), before the tooth dislocation sprout, parents must pay more attention to the children’s teeth, consult professional doctors to formal medical institutions, early correction, promote the growth and development of jaw bone, create good conditions for the late fangfang sprout.After the age of 12, if the teeth are misplaced, orthosis is needed.Nanchong Daily all media reporter Han Shunshun statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: