Uncanny workmanship!The reporter takes you to know linqu Qu mountain crater

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu One point reporter Li Peile Spring Festival holiday, Qilu Evening News • Qilu one point reporter boarded mount Qu, and found the crater.Walking in Qu Weifang Linqu mountain, can be seen everywhere volcanic columnar joint stone covered the hillside.The lava rocks came out in various heights, some straight or inclined. Many were arranged in spectacular layers of stone columns.It is learned that qu mountain altitude of 160 meters, a total area of 310,000 square meters, is a geological volcano pile, basalt composition, to mountain xiu, pine, stone strange, Lin Mei is famous, crater columnar joint stone can be seen everywhere.Qu Mountain crater, one of the 20 craters in Linqu – Changle volcanic basin, is a Cenozoic Basalt crater on the Tanlu fault zone, dating back to about 18 million years ago.This crater is the basalt plug filled in the volcanic tube, after more than 2 million years of long-term weathering and erosion, was stripped to the ground, bolus columnar joint development, radiating.Qu mountain crater is the main lithology of alkaline olivine basalt stone is dark gray, reddish-brown, weathering surface is yellow red, imposing manner is very spectacular, tens of thousands of stone columns, from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, straight into the sky.Vividly recorded the volcanic eruption of the natural landscape, showing the uncanny workmanship of nature.Columnar joints, with trigonal quadrangles, pentagons and hexagons, among which, influenced by the cooling rate, the closer to the center of the crater, the more edges.Qu mountain crater is of great scientific value to the study of Cenozoic tectonic movement, magma movement, geoseismology, etc., and is also an excellent place for sightseeing and geological popular science education.