Where does the high-speed rail food come from?I’ll show you the back kitchen

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In order to let passengers eat a safe meal, a bullet train box lunch has to go through more than 10 procedures from procurement, processing, production, packaging, cooling, refrigeration, transportation and delivery to high-speed rail.Wuhan Railway Catering Base is responsible for the production of lunch boxes for EMU trains of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., LTD. There is a modern production line of lunch boxes for EMU trains, which can produce 20,000 lunch boxes per day.Take a look at the back kitchen of bullet train food!The cooked dishes are cooled by the MAP quick-cooling system on the high-speed train lunch box production line at wuhan Railway Catering baseStaff members check the finished bullet train lunch boxes in the cold storage, sorting and packing the lunch boxes for delivery.Xinhua net hair