3-2!Epic reversal!Zhang Linyan scored two goals in 11 minutes and Xiao Yuyi scored the winner

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Beijing time on February 6, the women’s Football Asian Cup final officially kicked off, The Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team played.It is the closest China has come to winning the Asian Women’s Cup since 2006.The match attracted the attention of a large number of fans, CCTV5 also live broadcast the match, the key player Wang Shuang back, we are looking forward to the Performance of The Chinese women’s football team.3-2!Epic reversal!The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, shuiqing xia god!Zhang Linyan makes 2 goals in 11 minutes, Xiao Yuyi kills!Only ten seconds into the game, the Chinese women’s soccer team tried its first shot.Wu Chengshu into the penalty area inverted triangle cross, Tang Received the ball shot, the final ball was blocked by the South Korean women’s soccer baseline.The first 9 minutes of the game, Zhang Xin and Wang Shuang came to a clever match.Zhang xin intentionally slipped the ball to Wang Shuang behind her, but Wang Shuang’s shot was weak and the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.The first goal of the game was scored in the 27th minute.The South Korean women’s soccer hit back, directly through the Chinese women’s soccer defense, Cui Yu Li in front of the goal, the South Korean women’s soccer broke the deadlock, the score on the field to rewrite 1-0.The first 45 minutes of the game, Yao Lingwei clearance error, inside the penalty area handball send point.Ji Xiaoran converted a penalty kick to make it 2-0, and the pressure was on the Chinese side.The second half easy side again, The Chinese women’s football launched a counter-attack, but has not been able to find a good opportunity.The game in the 60th minute, The Chinese women’s football team made an adjustment, Wang Shuang was replaced, Zhang Linyan substitute appeared.In the 66th minute, Zhang Linyan’s shot caused Li Yongzhou’s handball to give China a valuable penalty.The penalty kick by Tang Jiali made it 1-2 for the Chinese women’s football team.The 71st minute, Tang Jiali front right crowd points, the bottom cross to ambush in the penalty area Zhang Linyan, then Zhang Linyan jumped up a powerful heavy header, the ball into the net, The Chinese women’s soccer team equalized the score 2-2!Have to say that The Chinese women’s football coach Shui Qingxia god, replacement adjustment is very timely.Zhang Linyan came on the pitch in the 60th minute, won the penalty in the 66th minute, and headed the goal in the 71st minute. She scored two goals in only 11 minutes on the pitch.Since then, the two sides fell into a difficult seesawing battle, until the stoppage time, Wang Shanshan sent a straight plug in front of the middle, Xiao Yuyi single knife winner, The Chinese women’s football team made the score 3-2, staged an epic reversal!The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Korean women’s football team 3-2, and won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.Congratulations to The Chinese women’s football team for winning the Asian Cup. If the miracle has color, it must be Chinese red!We can always believe that The Chinese women’s football team made a 2-3 epic comeback, and this final will become a classic in the history of the Women’s Asian Cup.