Is he university of Science and Technology one or two

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He University of Science and Technology belongs to Luoyang city of Henan Province, is the first batch of admission, is a university.1. Henan University of Science and Technology, abbreviated as Heust, was founded in 1952 in Beijing, the capital of China. It is located in Luoyang, the “Imperial capital for thousands of years, peony Flower City” and the sub-central city of central Plains Urban Agglomeration.Henan University of Science and Technology has 4 campuses, namely kaiyuan, Xiyuan, Jinghua, and Zhoushan. Kaiyuan’s address is No. 263 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong District, Luoyang, Xiyuan’s address is No. 48 Xiyuan Road, jianxi, and Jinghua’s address is No. 31 Anhui Road, jianxi.2. Professional chemical, henan university of science and technology of materials science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechanical design manufacturing and automation, clinical medicine, material forming and control engineering, metal material engineering, vehicle engineering, agricultural mechanization and automation, product design, environmental design, visual communication design, mathematics and applied mathematics, chemical engineering and technology, automation,Inorganic non-metallic material engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, social Work, Law, Physical education, International Economy and trade, etc.The emblem of Henan University of Science and Technology has a circular pattern, and the outer and inner circles are blue, symbolizing ideals and broad development prospects. The bold English letters in the middle and the name of the founding year are green, representing education and vitality.The character “Heda” under the blue is the seal character from right to left, showing the vicissitudes of history of Henan University as a century-old school.The waves below the name symbolize henan University’s location on the bank of the Yellow River, the birthplace of The Central Plains civilization.