Omicron has a sister?But not as toxic as Sister

2022-05-06 0 By

According to the latest reports of foreign media, a novel coronavirus variant known as the “Sister of Omicron” has been classified as a “mutant under investigation” (VUI) by the UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA), with more than 400 cases of infection with this variant in the UK.It is a subvariant of the latest version of the Omicron strain called BA.2.International data suggest it may be spreading relatively quickly.The BA.2 subvariant first appeared in December, shortly after the original Omicron strain began to circulate.Ba.2 reportedly lacks a key mutation, which could make it harder to track.Scientists believe it may be more transmissible and harder to distinguish from other variants.Cases of the BA.2 variant have also been found in about 40 other countries, accounting for the bulk of the latest cases in some countries, including India, Denmark and Sweden, the UKHSA said.Although the OMicron strain ba.1 variant is currently dominant in the UK, cases of infection with the BA.2 variant are increasing.Who stresses that there is still uncertainty about how the virus’s genome changes and that surveillance is needed, as cases in recent days have shown a sharp rise in the incidence caused by the BA.2 variant, particularly in India and Denmark.”What surprised us was how quickly this subtype of virus, which is widespread in Asia, became prevalent in Denmark,” French epidemiologist Antoine Fraou said.The BA.2 variant has not yet been classified as a “mutant of concern” by WHO.But Frau said countries must remain alert to the latest developments as surveillance intensifies.France had expected a spike in cases infected with the BA.2 variant in mid-January, but this did not happen, possibly because the subvariant appears to spread very easily but is no more virulent than ba.1.So far there have been only a handful of CASES of BA.2 in France, but it is monitoring the situation as they spread in the UK.”We should not panic, but be vigilant,” says Mr Vlaou, because “cases of BA.2 are as severe as those of the original omicron strain”.”Early observations from India and Denmark show no significant difference in severity of BA.2 compared to BA.1,” Virologist Tom Peacock from Imperial College London tweeted.He added that the difference in vaccine effectiveness against BA.1 and BA.2 is likely to be small.French Health Minister Olivier Villan said on Monday that BA.2 did not appear to be a “game changer” for the pandemic, as variants “emerge quite frequently”.But he said that was a conservative judgment.This article is from: Science and Technology Daily Digital News