South Pinglong village township to carry out voluntary service activities in nursing homes

2022-05-06 0 By

Spring Festival is coming, warm the hearts of the elderly.For the further inheritance volunteer spirit, strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, advocating volunteer service concept, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese people love, respect, support, on January 25th morning, dragon township, the village organization committee Lin Zhihui solver, township station, new era civilization practice, MinZhengBan, women’s federation, communist youth league XuanChuanBan joint to nursing homes to carry out the “festival ShangWenMing volunteer care line” volunteer service activities.In the nursing home, volunteers for the old people sent rice, oil, lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, calendar and other materials, to help them clean, paste Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, tidy up the dormitory, for the old people to create a clean, comfortable, festive living environment, create a New Year atmosphere, to welcome the arrival of the New Year in advance.After that, the volunteers talked with the old people kindly, inquired about the life and health of the old people in detail, and told them to take care of themselves, pay attention to epidemic prevention and feel at ease during the Spring Festival.The arrival of volunteers makes the quiet nursing home full of laughter, and the old people’s faces are filled with happy smiles.There is no end to service and no end to dedication.In this volunteer activity, the volunteers passed on the warmth of love and carried forward the social fashion of respecting, loving and respecting the elderly, so that the elderly could feel the care of the Party and the government, feel the warmth of the social family, spread the positive energy of the society, and help foster a new fashion of civilization.(chinyo)