Xiao Xiangrong: the return and transcendence of Oriental aesthetics in the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics

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With the start of spring in 2022, the world’s attention is once again focused on the bird’s Nest.Director Zhang Yimou, as the first general director of the Olympic Games, fulfilled his promise. An empty, romantic and beautiful opening ceremony, which highlighted the beauty of culture, art, spirit and science and technology, once again amazed the world.From the perspective of geographical space, from “Welcome to Beijing” to “See you in Beijing”, the first Double Olympic City was born in China.From the perspective of psychological space, from “one world, one dream” to “together to the future”, it has realized the transformation of free and relaxed creative mentality;From the perspective of the narrative type, from “I” want the world to see China, to “we” this time the world sees China, the perspective of singular to plural has been changed.The theme of the short video of the countdown of the Winter Olympics is “different”, which expresses the connotation of “different cultures” and “each has its own beauty”, and reveals the ultimate direction of the community of destiny in the reality that “no pair of snowflakes are the same”.In the fourteen years from 2008 to 2022, thanks to the two Olympic Games, we have clearly recognized the great changes in China. We have seen the formation of a great power in economy, culture and spirit, and a new form of civilization is gradually being recognized by the world.As General Secretary Xi Jinping has said, China can already look the world in the eye.Today, China has become the world’s second largest economy, absolute poverty has been eliminated, and many achievements have been made in the field of science and technology. Especially in the fight against COVID-19, the superiority of The Chinese system has never been highlighted before. All these are the biggest encouragement for the creators of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to succeed and be bold in innovation.The more contracted, the more difficult the opening ceremony highlights the “contracted beauty”, but “contracted is not simple”.The incomparable opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics, whose memory is indelible in the history of the World Olympic Games, and the uncertainties of the global epidemic have made the crowd tactics no longer feasible.In the same space as the Bird’s Nest, the grand narrative of the centennial epic of 2021 that just passed cannot be replicated.Many difficulties and uncertain factors urge Zhang Yimou’s aesthetics, which has always been characterized by big scenes and heavy colors, to change from “letting go” to “letting go”. There is a saying in our director industry: “Although we do not know what we want, we must know what we do not want.”From the story of snowflakes, rejected the lifting of grand narrative, lightly, let imagination, either short countdown to the opening 24 solar terms in traditional and modern, or as a whole will merge in ceremony, realize the fusion of art and technology, abandon the big dance, a big scene, to the ordinary people, practice the change numerous for brief, regression of Oriental aesthetics.If the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games is the beauty of the atmosphere of the tang Dynasty, then the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games is the simple wind of the minimalist aesthetics of the Song Dynasty.Through light and shadow changes, controlled display of points, lines and planes, emotional and dramatic restrained performance, especially in the temptation of the world’s largest ice LED low-screen, can restrain the bizarre science and technology show, return to the cultural accuracy, return to the expression of Oriental spirit.In particular, in the ignition process, when the torch is inserted into the snow, the Oriental philosophy of “extremely brilliant and the doctrine of the mean” is incisively and vividly displayed.Pound also said that the only way to avoid mediocrity is accuracy.Zhang Yimou’s team has drawn the most exquisite and accurate Oriental picture with the least amount of ink.The second characteristic of the opening ceremony is “the beauty of flexibility”.The performance of the beginning of Spring takes spring breeze and grass as its image, avoiding specific national symbols and traditional cultural symbols, but choosing to be close to the earth and grassroots.Remember Mr. Xia Yan’s “Wild grass” put forward the question of life: “What is the most powerful thing in the world?Is the power of grass, is the tension of life, is the grassroots power on behalf of the people, is toward the sun, efforts to grow, yearning for a better future of everyone, this is “faster, higher, stronger – more united” winter Olympics slogan the most vivid footnote.The program of the opening ceremony reflected implicit, introverted, inclusive, and respect for the meaning and value of every life. “The light rain on the sky street is as crisp as a crisp, but the grass color is not visible at a distance.The most is a spring benefit, absolutely win yanliu full emperor.”To return to nature and Revere life embodies the belief that spring will never come.Throughout the ceremony and performance, the seemingly weak grass, unknown trumpet youth, children in the mountains of Fuping, and the torch connecting the names of participating countries all over the world, with soft and strong, weak and strong, reflecting the spirit of the Chinese people like grass.As President Bach said, mankind will also overcome the epidemic, division, conflict and suspicion and welcome the spring.Perhaps this is the best response to those who seek to divide, to cling to suspicion, to arrogance and prejudice.The third feature of the opening ceremony was “the beauty of the East”.The beauty of the East comes from the beauty of the spirit, such as painting, the West is more realistic, the East is more freehand, aesthetic and ethereal is unique to the romance of Oriental aesthetics.The opening ceremony aesthetics is different from the previous opening ceremony of the noise and publicity, not falling gaudy conventions.Art and technology meet again at the National Stadium, where every frame projects what Winckelmann calls “noble simplicity, quiet greatness.”Especially in the session of singing, the children in the mountains who have just been out of poverty respond to the great Olympic spirit from ancient Greece through time and space with the most simple voice.This spring, the two ancient national spirits of the East and the West met in the sky above the Bird’s Nest, and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind was proclaimed once again in Beijing under the slogan “Together for the Future”, which perfectly interprets the Chinese proposition that “exchanges among civilizations result from diversity, mutual learning and development through mutual learning”.”Chinese Story, World Expression” is a major breakthrough in aesthetics. Iccube, icefall, real-time motion capture, virtual reality and other high-tech are harmonized in the ethereal and beautiful Oriental artistic conception. “All roads are simple”, but “all roads lead to Rome”.A lot of unexpected but understandable ingenuity embodies the “Oriental aesthetic spirit” mentioned by Director Zhang Yimou on various occasions.Opening ceremony is the most unique, not in the traditional sense of the huge cauldron flames in the end, but a choice of “the last great torch is the main torch” nature, this is our this ancient nation setback after much suffering just awakening of Oriental wisdom, this is a “less is more” contemporary aesthetics in an innovation in the history of Olympic Games,It is also a collective aftertaste of the eternal truth that all Chinese people know “a single spark can start a prairie fire”.The opening ceremony is an encounter between the start of Spring in China and the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in time, a snowflake witness the Symphony of the Olympic Games and national sports.”A smooth event is a success” is a kind of trust that General Secretary Xi Jinping has placed on our literary and art workers.The Olympic Games, the G20 summit conference, expo garden, world civilization, again and again to the international event, China did not live up to the world, China’s literary and art workers did not live up to this day and age, in the “speak good Chinese hard with love story” again and again in the mold of transcending oneself, find cultural self-confidence, self-esteem, cultural consciousness of the renewal,Return to the truth, return to the people, return to simplicity, return to the spirit.The opening ceremony was not so much a spectacular Olympic night as a glorious one in which the long-lost Oriental aesthetics returned to center stage of the world.Economic rise and cultural revival are the twin driving forces of national development. Under the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, Chinese literary and art workers have once again contributed Oriental wisdom and Chinese solutions to the whole world, enabling the world to re-understand the Chinese spirit in the new era.The beginning of spring, a new beginning, a bright road for China and the rest of the world to join hands with humanity, is spreading under our feet.Dream in front, road in the foot, we together to the future.The original link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-vHMJGIyyTrbSCypUWYh5Q the author:Xiao Xiangrong, dean of the School of Art and Media at Beijing Normal University, served as the general director of the Tiananmen Square mass parade marking the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and the Tiananmen Square event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China