Give out a Jones, jilin team with all Chinese class repelled three foreign aid north Control, salute their unyielding

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Jones was frustrated, but when Choi hit, he couldn’t help clapping for his teammate.With only 1.6 seconds left, When jilin team had to defend the last attack of North Control, Jones also walked over to his teammates. After Wang Han finished the decoration, Jones also served as a coach. At this moment, he was moved by his teammates’ tenacity and came back to cheer for them.Jilin had been expected to lose the important fixture without exception when Jones was substituted in a slump, but they came back to win the game to a roaring roar from the fans.In the chat room of Migu live platform, the screen is full of congratulatory voices from all over the country…Salute their indomitable and tenacious!What did Marbury do wrong when they lost to Jilin and Jones was almost completely out of shape?Three foreign aid has not been able to find the best state, the team’s outside too embarrassed after losing zhang Fan, the inside line is always by how to play the strength of the double!At 19:35 on January 26, Beijing time, the 27th round of CBA Beijing Holding lost to Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank by 87-88 points, with the score of 21-28, 21-19, 24-18, 21-23 in four quarters.Liao Sanning alone to save the opening Jones fire, 0-4, 3-9, Jones scored the team’s first seven points.Marbury sent todorovic to lead the North Control team, and Liao hit a 3-pointer to open the team’s scoring account.Ding haifeng played very actively, grabbed the rebound by point, and helped the team to win the rebounds from the tall man with the advantage of rebound speed. After the initial panic, led by Liao Sanning, The Team gradually came into shape, and the two teams were tied 9-9.Starting from north, they stepped up their defense after the steal.The two teams were tied 9-9, and both teams strengthened their defense, making it extremely difficult to score.At 4:07 of the game, Liao saning was released at a 45 degree Angle and hit the second three to close the 14-15 score again.The north control rebound protection is not good, gave Jilin two offensive scoring opportunities.Down 14-20, 21-28 after the first quarter.Todorovic was robbed of the ball, Ma Yong was double-teamed on the bottom line, And Sun Dong Lin was robbed of his dribble hand. At the end of the game, the mistake was the biggest shortcoming of the team, and the six mistakes in a single quarter were particularly dazzling. According to jiao Jian’s instructions, most of the mistakes were the worst results, because they were scored by the opponent’s direct counterattack.Marbury two on-site guidance horse swimming, but it is difficult to wake up this self immersed in the boy in the world, but there are new Liao Sanning alone savior, his calm and decisive, single section 10 points, did not let the team first section was defeated by the opponent.Do not understand Marbury’s layout of the second quarter of the game, Liao Sanning reappeared hand in hand with Wang Junjie, Marbury began to use double guard, the purpose is to reduce the number of mistakes, but it backfired.The opening, the first two minutes on the full court press, 6-0, 27-28.Sun Dong-lin grabbed the rebound and missed the ball, but inexplicably held the ball and was robbed by Jones for two easy points.Marbury changed the team, replaced landsburg, hoping to put the team together, but, his eyes only at the basket, the attack efficiency is not high, only scored five points, in the team’s series of no help, once opened to double digits.Wang took the opportunity to let Jones rest, for the final battle to move space.Jiang Weize hit three Pointers, 38 to 47, Liao Saning two shots to stop the bleeding, The end of the North control repeatedly chase points.Second game over, 42-47.Marbury’s layout is more confusing, with Landsberg leading the attack, why should Liao Sanning be put on the court to do a return run?Liao sanning is a sharp blade in the attacking line of the team and must have the ball in hand, while Landsberg is a foreign aid who needs the ball. In the attacking system dominated by him, it is unnecessary to put Sanning on the field, and it is a waste of the young player’s physical strength. Fortunately, in the end, it is better to put Liao Sanning in the lead attack and narrow the point difference.In the first half of the game, the jilin team led the biggest contribution is not Jones but the inside line of Ang Lee and Zhong Cheng, they successfully split the north Control team inside and outside contact, three centers, Zou Yuchen, Todorovic and Haas only four points, five points and six points respectively.The three centers crushed Zhong Cheng and Ang Lee in terms of strength, but Wang Han used reasonable double teams to complete the suppression of the front line of The North Control, in the final analysis, is to bully the North Control did not have three Pointers, as far as possible to shrink and protect the inside line.Beikong scored 2 out of 9, liao Sanning was only 2 out of 3;The turnover ratio was 12-5, and the steal ratio was 4-8, allowing Jiang Yuxing’s counter-attack to play exceptionally smoothly. Jiang Weize made 3 of 5 from 3-point range. Jilin’s attack was more efficient, and North Control only did a good job in defending Jones, allowing only 10 points in the half, which was not efficient.In fact, Jilin hidden danger in the weak inside, Lee played 20 minutes in the half, the fourth section of how much physical fitness?There are surprises around the corner.The third section of the game, Jones two fast break, the ball all bounce basket and out, his goal luck is very bad, fierce he can not help but some stunned.Liao san0 hit two points, then broke into the lane and set up Wang Junjie for a 3-pointer, 47-47. The third quarter began with a welcome change for North Control. The 3-point shooting became decisive, that was the change for Marbury.In the 10th minute and 11 seconds, Wang Junjie hit the basket, 49-47, they took the lead for the first time, in and out, Li Weihao also hit the outside 3-pointer, the North Control team finally opened up, the first four minutes of a 12-2 offensive surge, 54-49 lead.So forced Wang Han began to do the choice, is to continue to shrink the inside line, or to expand the defense?But the mistake again came, Wang Junjie continued under the basket misattack, and the defensive end is also open, Jilin team easily scored, 59 to 59 again tied.66-65, end of third quarter.Landsberg had another bad quarter in the last 4 minutes, 0 for 4, his slump was deadly, wang Junjie played well in the beginning, but lost in the end.The suspense is still there.Now it’s time to test our previous judgment. Can Ang Lee’s physical strength hold up?Inside became the hero Jones was actually hidden, the last moment Wang Han with the full Chinese class and his opponent.Start the fourth quarter, Zou Yuchen scored four points, 10 points of 06 seconds, Wang Han substituted Jones, the decision is very bold is very effective, because Jones’s attack efficiency is extremely low, because the ball too much instead, affects the functioning of fluency, the score 71-65, marbury is using multiple petrovic, in the fourth quarter to strengthen their squad in series.At 9:45, the camera found Jones and Landsberg on the bench, the faces of the legs of both teams looking lonely and dejected.Jiang Weize scored four points in a row to give Jilin team a lead of 71-72. With 8 minutes left in the game, Liao Sanning drifted into the second half and Zhong Cheng responded. Haas missed and fouled under the basket, wang Han thought his foul was a violation.Zou hit Lee 2-1 with a high-low catch and drew his fifth foul, 80-83, and the game was heated.Jilin’s interior line was facing a breakdown. Ang Lee was not only a foul problem, but also physically exhausted. Landsberg drilled inside and scored two points, 84-86, with 2:25 left in the game.Wang called a time-out, and Jones walked away looking lithe, but when Cui jinming hit the buzzer, his face lit up with relief and he couldn’t help clapping.Zou blocked a shot under the basket, jiang accelerated to the limit and the ball went off the rim, 87-88, with 37.9 seconds left.Liao Sanning saw jilin on the right side of the defense empty, directly into the lane for a layup, a big hand fell from the sky, Lee at the last moment liao Sanning’s ball on the backboard, will fall into the opponent’s preset trap.Zou got the rebound just in time to Landsberg, and Lee and Chung were on the defensive, making double teams around the basket, and then missed twice on 1.6 seconds of serve as Beikong lost by one point.This card game is very important to both teams, Jilin won to let himself and chasing xinjiang opened a gap, but only one less than the North Control, their tenacity is worth the reward of victory.