It’s too good to be true

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Living in the bustling city is the ideal choice for many young people, but it is not the only choice. Bobo and Xiaofang, a couple born in the 1990s, returned to their hometown of Guangshui, Hubei province four years ago with their 2-year-old son, Xiaotutuan.They decided to build a hut out of earth and live there.They believe that man and nature are inseparable.From what they could find, sand was aggregate, straw was muscle, clay was flesh.After two years of hard work, tuan huts were finally built, all by hand, no machinery.Its lovely, cylindrical shape, thick thatched roof and oddly shaped Windows add a lot of interest to the house.From a distance, a cottage looks like a fairytale castle.The hut is divided into two levels, with the living room and kitchen on the ground floor and the family bedroom on the second floor.Many roofs have to be waterproof with composite materials, but the roof of this mud hut is made of thatch.Natural materials are always the warmest and kindest.When I opened the door of the hut, I saw the vitality of natural life.Although the cabin area is not large, most of the furniture, such as bookcases, cabinets, are made into the form of niches, so a lot of space is saved.There are many kinds of niche earthen architecture, but the biggest difference of earthen mass is its ability to make particularly organic and beautiful shapes.The stairs in the house are also made of earth, and the railings are discarded wood they found in the village.This not only saves the cost, but also makes it look wild.Because the second floor is an attic, the lighting is poor.Glass bottle small round window, brought better daylighting to the second floor.Cut a beer bottle in half and put it inside the wall for light.The light comes directly into the room through the glass, which is not only bright, but also makes the space more spacious.I have to say, this design is amazing!There may be a lot of people curious, with civil built out of the house, really can live?Modern rammed earth technology, modern rammed earth and traditional rammed earth are more beautiful than traditional rammed earth buildings in terms of technology, durability of structure, appearance and color.Moreover, the mud wall of this mud house is very thick. According to the speed of wind and rain erosion of 2.5 cm in 100 years, even without waterproof, there will be almost no impact in 100 years.In addition, they have also built, in the spring, a domed greenhouse to raise seedlings, and an earth group classroom for activities.After the greenhouse is built, not only the appearance level is high, but also the practicality is strong and the stability is very good.The tuan classroom was built for the children of the nearby village, where the Bobo family and volunteers hold various activities.They also made a clay oven to bake, to bake pizzas, to bake bread.Make cookies and snacks.Xiao Fang, who makes pizza in an earthball oven, is interested in folk crafts and takes her children to dye their own clothes with vegetable paint.Here, “Work with the sun and rest with the sun.Dig Wells and drink, plough fields and eat.”Thousands of years ago, “Song of Beating soil”, is about their life.The conch bathroom at night was designed in the shape of a conch, which was too creative. First, a few steel bars were used as the longitude and latitude lines, and then bamboo was split into one to build the shape of a conch.Stylish and beautiful, let the bath into a kind of enjoyment.Bobo’s son, 4-year-old Tutuan, was born and raised in this natural building.In the process of interacting with nature, children are not only more focused, but also get all-round growth.Perhaps many people can not understand why young people do not develop in the city, do not find a stable job, work and make money?Bobo said the slow life in tuan Hut, where his family of three lives away from the hustle and bustle of the city, makes him very content and enjoyable.Everyone has his or her own choice as to which road to take, but as long as he or she lives with passion and seriousness, no matter in the city or in the dirt, he or she can make life into a poem.(The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!)