“The Way of Heaven” : foresight sometimes requires you to “go against humanity”

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Vision, are generally capable of the standard match, but vision is not everyone will have, not everyone will see so far, the standard of vision is: to people can see through the appearance, to the matter can find the end, to the matter can know all the time.The stronger these qualities are, the more visionary a person will be.But the capacity for foresight is often anti-human, and there are two core points in the Tao of Heaven.One, you need to be able to take a step back, as the saying goes.If you always care about every ounce, you will be hit by a wall everywhere, if you can learn to endure everything, perhaps you see the most is sunny, but you may ask, that how can endure ah, that you need to know to see through, really see through the essence, that your endure is not pain, but a kind of relief and wisdom.People are easy to get caught up in the small things, can not extricate themselves, but the real vision of this person can understand, you always with those bad people bad things to entangle, you will lose a lot of things.When the boss told him that he didn’t have a job in the noodle shop, he just smiled and then felt happy. As for being pushed out of his chair in the park, he walked away talking and laughing with Rui Without a glance.This is to see through, see through will have a vision, these earthly people and things, Ding Yuanying can see through at a glance, see through the process, see through the result, with his vision, he is very aware of these rotten people rotten things will waste a lot of his time and energy, these are the most precious people, these time can do a lot of more meaningful things.Xiao Xiaowen once commented on Ding Yuanying: “Knowing this person is opening a window. You can see different things and hear different voices. It makes you think and realize, which is enough.There are many others, like opportunities, help, I’m not sure.This may not seem important to the average person, but I know this person is important.It was because of her understanding of Ding Yuanying that she had already found a good place for him in Tianjin, but she changed her mind. She even flew to Frankfurt to meet Rui Xiaodan and asked her to help take care of Ding Yuanying in the ancient city.Xiao Yawen’s vision lies in this, this action for her in the future to be able to go to the table together, for her in the future to become the rhythm of poetry people buried.Speak truth is always simple, but although simple, but XiaoYaWen so to achieve a perfect ending, but this is not everyone can do it, not everyone is willing to spend the energy and financial resources, manpower to do this kind of “stupid”, the “homes” is need you to have a long-term view, can only dare to do these things, finally achieve their ideas, try to ask,Can you do that?If you are interested in the Way of Heaven and want to study it further, you are advised to read the original book Far Savior. Although the play is a good reproduction of the novel, there are many cuts in the play.Read it several times, deeply and repeatedly, and you will see it more clearly and intelligently.Practice is not in the mountains or temples, but in the heart of the fence planting chrysanthemums.Dou Dou trilogy “The Way of Heaven”, “Betrayal”, “The Sky of The World of Mortals”, for you to open a door of awakening life.The way of heaven is enlightenment, betrayal is the philosophy of survival, the sky is the world of mortals “do not walk” is more like the world of mortals practice.A cup of coffee, meet a different self.If you are interested in Dou Dou’s novel trilogy, click on the commodity card below to buy.