Ticket price 179 yuan, the Spring Festival movie is despised?

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Article | deep (shenrancaijing), the author | the nanyang, edit | Li Qiuhan 2022 Spring Festival in earnest.According to real-time data from Beacon Professional, the total box office of new films (including pre-sales) for the 2022 Spring Festival has exceeded 2 billion yuan as of 1:13 PM on Feb 2.Five of the eight new films have already made more than 100 million yuan in pre-sales on their first days.Watergate Bridge raked in 668 million yuan on its first day, breaking the record for the past three Spring Festival feature films.”Four Corners” and “The Professional” took in more than 200 million yuan, while the previously expected “Miracle And Stupid Kids” fell to fourth place with less than 200 million yuan on their first day.Meanwhile, “skyrocketing” ticket prices have once again become a hot topic.According to Maoyan Professional edition, the average ticket price across China reached 58.7 yuan on The first day of the New Year in 2022, up 45.6 percent from the annual average of 40.3 yuan in 2021.According to taopiaopiao’s APP, ticket prices for a single IMAX 2D theater during prime time in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are as high as 179 yuan, and in central prefecty-level cities, the average ticket price is no less than 50 yuan.According to insiders, this year’s Spring Festival ticket prices have seen the biggest increase since the Spring Festival in 2018.There are objective factors behind the increase in ticket prices.In recent years, the improvement of consumption level has driven up the price of movie ticket to a certain extent.On the other hand, several cinema line managers said that in recent years, the film to the cinema’s release price has also risen slightly.At the same time, affected by the relationship between supply and demand, the number of audiences increased significantly during holidays, and the Spring Festival is the peak period of movie-watching. In order to survive, cinemas began to raise prices to recover blood.And “Watergate Bridge” airborne Spring Festival, but also directly drive the whole market ticket prices.As ticket prices continue to rise, it is worth noting that audiences, under the pressure of high ticket prices, are pitting their wits against the cinemas to figure out “how to watch movies on a budget”, which has created a lucrative opportunity for ticket buyers, who are lurking among the movie lovers in an attempt to make a profit during the Spring Festival holiday.With ticket prices skyrocketing during the Spring Festival holiday, audiences are finally getting impatient.In the article “89 yuan a ticket, I was Persuaded by movie ticket Price”, Shenran mentioned that there is a trend of increasing price of cinemas.According to Top data, the average price of movie tickets in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 was 34.4 yuan, 35.3 yuan, 37.1 yuan, 36.99 yuan and 40.3 yuan, up 3.6%, 2.6%, 5%, -0.32% and 9.5%, respectively.With the exception of 2020, when cinemas were affected by COVID-19 and other factors, ticket prices fell slightly and the overall increase was expanding.The price increase continued during this year’s Spring Festival.In order to increase prices, the theater also fancy new recruit, began to operate from extensive to fine.Deep burn found that the same movie with different seats, ticket prices have 1-7 yuan difference.The premium shows will be more concentrated in prime venues from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.Take Beijing Bona Da Jiaoting IMAX flagship store as an example. In the pre-sale, ordinary seats in the surrounding area are 95.7 yuan, while those in the middle are 100.7 yuan, with a difference of 5 yuan.Different locations on the same session difference source/tao polarizer APP it is not a new phenomenon, the theater good position high pricing, early a few years it has studios in attempt to happiness ceramic bon studios in anji county, zhejiang province manager of deep mentioned, he was in the heart of the city cinema has begun with the time difference operation, the new store, the boss will ask such operations.This year, the phenomenon has become more common during the season.At the same time, some cinemas will increase ticket prices by locking seats.According to one theater manager, some theaters lock up the prime seats in the middle during pre-sale and wait until the opening to harvest last-minute ticket buyers.For example, the pre-sale ticket price of more than 40 yuan, the middle of the golden seat locked, until the right time can be sold at a double premium.However, several cinema managers noted that the overall price of tickets has doubled this year, and there is limited room for price increases.Cinemas are also cautious about pre-selling tickets for this year’s Spring Festival in order to sell more tickets at a better price.Many cinemas only dared to open the pre-sale for two more days, that is, two days before the opening of the film on the ticket platform to display the corresponding sales.One reason is that word of mouth has not yet been fully released.According to the statistics of Maoyan Professional edition, watergate Bridge occupies 27% of the market share and 43.4% of the box office, which can support the expected market share of the industry.Although it has the foundation of “Changjin Lake”, the advantage of this kind of film lies in the word of mouth. “Pre-sale or reservation is opened too early. If the word of mouth of the film collapses, it will cause losses if the film cannot be arranged in time.””Said a cinema manager.But Tao said many viewers were moved by the fact that watergate included more combat scenes than Changjin Lake.”Word of mouth will most likely not collapse.”He said.One manager in Beijing said that even if presales are opened, they will only open during daytime shows and not during prime time at night, so that more people who book tickets on a temporary basis can drive up prices.At the same time, competition among theaters has also prevented theater managers from opening presales too early.A cinema line manager said that this year will pay more attention to the price of the cinema in the same area, and then adjust according to the pricing of rivals, there is a price war trend.Tao manager mentioned that this year’s ticket prices are different from the past, which used to be very cheap in advance sales, and then became more and more expensive in holidays. This year, it started to sell very expensive, and then gradually reduced prices according to market conditions.Ticket prices are expected to drop further after the third day of the New Year.The strategy, he said, is driven by the broader market as a result of long, anticipated and prestigious blockbusters like ‘Watergate Bridge,’ which increases expectations for attendance and other ticket prices.”We can charge more, as much as we can.”Tao even said that in such a general environment of rising prices, if a single cinema does not raise prices, it may be considered vicious competition.The audience chose “daigou” cinemas to raise prices, and some viewers felt they were “cut leek”.Movie ticket prices have risen, has become part of the audience in the Spring Festival ridicule of the necessary topic.Some viewers, after buying “high price ticket”, only make fun of it on social network, some even choose not to watch it directly.Liu Shuang, a Beijing film fan who goes to the cinema every Spring Festival, had second thoughts and ordered two copies of “Watergate Bridge” for 250 yuan after seeing the pre-sale of this year’s Spring Festival film.She regrets that she did not expect ticket prices to be so expensive, she likes to brush movies, other movies can only see the word of mouth, and then decide whether to buy.While veteran movie fans like Liu are becoming more cautious about buying tickets, Jin jin, who lives in a small town, has decided not to go to the cinema with his family this year.She said she did not expect that the price of a movie ticket, which usually costs more than 30 yuan, would rise to 78 yuan during the Spring Festival, and a movie for five members of her family would cost 350 yuan.”I don’t look down on it. I think it’s unnecessary.”She added.High ticket prices dissuaded the audience.Tao said that due to the poor pre-sale of the Spring Festival season, the price of the gold market has been reduced to 57.8 yuan from 63.8 yuan.In order to compete with cinemas in the same area, the current price of his cinema has been reduced to 38 yuan.Some viewers have turned to daigou to save money.Zhou Bao, a longtime movie fan, found an IMAX ticket with an original price of 140 yuan to make a group inquiry during the Spring Festival presale.He told Deepburn that the minimum price for movie tickets, which usually cost more than 40 yuan, would be 90 yuan this Spring Festival, even if the ticket was purchased on a purchasing agent.He still felt the price was too high. Finally, he gave up the Spring Festival and did not plan to watch movies.Deep burn observed that there are “discounted ticket prices” in Douban, Taobao, wechat group, and hit the “Spring Festival seat shortage, advance appointment”, “60% off, need to chat alone”, “all over the country to buy movie tickets, each cheap 5-50 yuan” and other slogans to attract consumers.Most of the discount tickets for this kind of movie are specially recharged cinema members by middlemen, who charge about two thousand yuan at a time to obtain the discount price of members to earn the difference.It is also very simple for users to buy tickets on behalf of them. All they need to do is to send the movie times and seat information of maoyan, Taopiaopiao and other ticketing platforms to the daigou, who will issue a QR code to scan tickets.The two sides focus on wechat, Taobao and other places for transactions.Mr. Wang told Shenran that he had discounted tickets for wanda, Jinyi, Dadi, Lumiere and other theaters.There have been more and more inquiries in the past two years.But he also noted that the price of discounted tickets has increased during this year’s Spring Festival because of higher ticket prices.The price is 80-90 yuan, which can save 20 or 30 yuan, but it is about 30 yuan higher than the usual discount tickets.Due to the high demand for the Spring Festival, he estimated that he could earn at least 3,000 yuan during this year’s seven-day holiday.Where there is a market, there will be sales. The problem is that when ordinary audiences go to the cinema to see a movie, they need to “find a low price” and “find a scalper”. A series of grey industry chains derived from this may not be a good signal for the film and television industry.How long will the price rise last?The first thing to admit is that there are objective reasons beyond cinema’s control behind the price increase.One is that cinemas face increasingly uncontrollable change.The epidemic has made moviegoing schedules uncertain.A cinema manager reported that he found that audiences’ viewing habits had been affected by the epidemic. “They had bought tickets, but they would have to refund them tomorrow because they could not come because of the epidemic.”Tao said that the recurrence of the epidemic has made it impossible for cinemas to keep 20% of their seats locked for a long time.When it comes to cinemas, the type of films also determines to some extent that some audiences can accept ticket price increases. For example, in terms of length, watergate Bridge is three hours long, and one screening of Watergate Bridge can arrange nearly two screenings of Miracle · Stupid Children.Ticket prices are relatively higher and more reasonable.The most important reason, a cinema manager in a third-tier city told Shenran, is that cinemas’ hard costs mean they need to keep pressure on all the time, and blockbuster films tend to be released during holidays.In the past, there was no special empty time, but this is becoming the norm in 2021.The effect is that cinemas are often more eager to grab a hit.Tao manager said that in the off-season, he is in the movie city has 8 halls, a day to see the movie people even 50 people are less than, and to the Spring Festival, there are thousands of people, in such a high demand rise, in known to make money, certainly want to earn a little more.”In case it doesn’t work out in the future, we will have to close our business. We can make more money now and hold on for a little longer in the future.””Now everything is out of control,” tao said. “Cinemas are scared.”And raising ticket prices is the only place that cinemas can control as the end of the industry.A Bona theater manager also said, “Every time there are two unprofitable dates, the theater basically loses money.”In his view, with the pandemic in flux, a popular season needs to cover at least a third of its annual costs to have any hope of survival.Raising prices is the only way for cinemas to address their existential anxieties.To match the higher ticket prices, cinemas are also focusing on service.According to a cinema manager, some cinemas will add cushions on the original seats or replace them with massage chairs, and some will help audiences get tickets, clean glasses and shoes from the lobby.However, Tao said audiences may not like such ancillary services. “What they choose to watch depends mostly on what they see,” he said.The box office is getting higher and higher, and for now, some audiences aren’t buying it.As of Feb. 1, “Watergate Bridge” had the highest average attendance at 75, according to Beacon Professional, while the eight new films averaged 37.Detective Chinatown 3 averaged 108 people on its opening day, compared with an average of 52 for the seven new releases in 2021.This year’s average is not ideal.A cinema manager said that the first day of the Spring Festival is a very enthusiastic day for moviegoers, which basically represents the level of attendance during the Spring Festival.The epidemic is one of the important reasons behind this, or it may be related to high ticket prices.As for the high ticket prices during the Spring Festival, a cinema manager expressed regret that the price increase was too high and resulted in unsatisfactory advance sales.The eight theaters he manages have more than 5,000 seats, but only 25 percent of the first-day seats are filled, meaning just over 1,000 people bought tickets.”The price cut is too late, and attendance might have been better if it had been reduced earlier.”He said.After the movie ticket prices, 89 yuan a piece, I stop “, deep mentioned, to the best high box office during the holiday season, the film cluster, ticket prices rise, the audiences of the impact of is, be interested in going to the cinema to see movies, also mainly concentrated in the holidays, this time tend to rise in price elasticity and price even one times at ordinary times, is a not small cost.This series of price increases, so that watching movies is no longer an impulsive consumption, but a way of entertainment that requires “travel planning and careful choice”. If the experience is not good, it will also cause consumers “psychological imbalance”.It’s not good for the industry to make it harder for theaters to convert ordinary moviegoers into moviegoers accustomed to spending money at the movies.”Judging from the pre-sale situation in previous years, no matter what movie is shown before the third day of the Chinese New Year, the attendance rate is almost full.In this case, ticket prices will remain high until the third day.”Tao said ticket prices for movies including watergate Bridge will be lowered after the third day, and they will be 5-10 yuan cheaper than the previous three days.Some cinema managers said that after the peak period, ticket prices will be lower and audiences can wait.But, amid the controversy over high ticket prices, can audiences be easily pulled back?* The caption is from Watergate Bridge.At the request of the interviewees, liu Shuang and Xiao Wang are pseudonyms.