Yunmeng took a new step toward rural revitalization in the first day of the Spring Festival

2022-05-07 0 By

Jingchu Network (Hubei Daily network) (Reporter Lu Weilong correspondent Tan Qian) On February 10, Yunmeng County held the third level cadres conference and county Party Committee rural work conference, commended 2021 “agriculture, rural areas” work outstanding units and outstanding model, these praised units and individuals become the brightest stars in yunmeng “agriculture, rural areas” work front.To commend outstanding villages (communities).Reporter LuWeiLong is taken the country revitalization of the “three rural” work of total gripper, since last year, the yunmeng county to “three action” for the gripper, push forward rural revitalization, implement green vegetables, the high quality glutinous rice, modern livestock four characteristics, special aquatic products industry output value reached 10 billion yuan, the new leading enterprises (above city-level) 11, more than 3000 agricultural market main body, at the same time,It has completed the rectification of 2,855 rural household toilets and 96 village sewage treatment, and has been rated as the advanced unit in the provincial village cleaning action.”Promote the ‘four reengineering’ of space, environment, function and grassroots governance, and give priority to the three key tasks of rural development, rural construction and rural governance.”Gao Wenfeng, party secretary of Yunmeng County, said that in 2022, Yunmeng will speed up efforts to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and take new steps in agricultural and rural modernization.Yunmeng County Yitang Town Hongzhi Agricultural Park project.Reporter Lu Weilong photo highlights “three key points” to highlight rural development.Focus on various functions of agriculture and make rural industries better.We will strengthen industrial development platforms such as demonstration areas for agricultural modernization, industrial clusters with distinctive agricultural features, modern agricultural industrial parks, and towns with strong agricultural industries. We will strengthen the development of cold chain logistics facilities for storing and keeping fresh agricultural products, and continue to promote the development of “three products, three products, and one standard”.Support the construction of “Hemei Village in Tiexi District” in Chengguan, “Mengnan Flower Sea” in Xiaxidian and “Shilichuntian” in Fengdian.We will highlight rural development.Township party committees to the overall construction and operation of the township concept, to ensure that the construction of functional towns improve quality and efficiency.The party secretary of the village based on the actual village, promote the implementation of various measures.At the same time, we will give full play to the role of the first village secretaries and the task forces to form synergy and make every effort to open up new prospects for rural revitalization.Highlighting rural governance.Give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of farmers, and shift from “serving the people as the master” to “by the people as the master”.We will give full play to the role of self-governing organizations and improve institutional channels for people to participate in community-level social governance.Learn from the innovative exploration of “Moral Education Bank” in Qingdao, adhere to the leadership of the village committee, the support of enterprises, and the participation of villagers.Shahe township, Yunmeng County, Beihuyuan aquaculture base.Reporter Lu Weilong photo to promote the “four chain value-added” to consolidate the industrial foundation, promote green and healthy aquaculture aquaculture, improve the standardization level of livestock and poultry breeding.We will strengthen industrial parks, build platforms that link production, processing and marketing, integrate trade, industry and agriculture, and integrate the development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.Singing industry brand, fully play area public brand, corporate brand and product brand construction “combination”, from “resources” to “sell brand”, at the same time, speak good story “cloud dream of agricultural products”, the “cloud dream vegetables”, “cloud dream fish noodles”, “cloud dream glutinous rice” into a cloud dream three card public brand of agricultural products.Establish “people’s company”, develop rural collective economy, drive farmer common prosperity.