2.10 Overfall wheel rebound, rhythm is more important than speed

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Guide language: in front of the big trends not fully repair, super down industry rise should be defined as the rotation in the rally, to the high expectations of rising is unfavorable and exorbitant, try to avoid chase after go up at the same time, according to the short-term decline and fall speed sorting is given priority to with latent, the height of the market rebound is the key to the mainstream varieties such as finance, real estate, infrastructure sustainability.In the first two days, it was mainly finance, infrastructure and other low-valuation and stable growth industries. Yesterday, it was replaced by liquor, aquaculture, digital currency and other early-stage ultra-falling plates or event-driven plates.A round of sustained rebound market must have sustained leading plate, and the sustained leading plate is either the anti-falling plate when the market falls, or it is a new face, if only the rotation of the ultra-falling plate rebound, can only be characterized as ultra-falling rebound, in operation is also mainly to grasp the rhythm to do short-term.Drive index rose yesterday liquor is the main power, new energy vehicles, military industry, Chinese traditional medicine, computer, etc., these varieties are the sharpest declines before plate, that is to say, in the market yesterday already Fried round super fell rebound varieties, and the biggest characteristic is these varieties trend has been destroyed, if you want to reverse the trend takes a lot of driving force,There is no great external force only rely on their own rebound strength, should not expect too much.Index rebound height and how good, the key is to see such as banks, big infrastructure such as the performance of the mainstream varieties, if these varieties can remain strong, the operability of the market is strong, the height of the subject stocks will be high, if these varieties have a relatively large loss of money effect, you need to keep cautious.In terms of the “new faces”, explosive articles, building decoration, digital currency topic in both a strong stocks, fly in the ointment is the three themes of internal correlation, but after a drop can first appeared strong stocks, also on behalf of the obtained funds focused on several themes, aggressive investors can focus on stock selection from these a few topics.Index, the Shanghai index after three consecutive days of rebound, will face the early intensive transaction area, there is the possibility of repeated positions or need to control.In general, after a rapid decline, just like the beginning of a serious illness, it will take a period of time to fully recover to health, during this period of time mainly to “light diet”, do not worry.If you like kunpengge’s content, please click “like”, “watching” and forward support in the lower right corner.– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — disclaimer: this information is for reference only, should not be as the only reference to investment decision factors, does not represent the organizations.The market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!Any unauthorized use of excerpting, copying and mirroring is prohibited.If need to reprint please contact us, and indicate the author and source!