Defeated Japan again, in the face of Vietnam, the national football team can find confidence?

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Tiger year of the national football team’s first battle, after a crushing defeat of Japan can the National football team save face?Hello everyone, I am the old item;Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. I wish you all a happy New Year and good luck in the Year of the Tiger.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, our national football team will be a guest in Vietnam tonight, to carry out the eighth round of the 12th round of the tournament, perhaps our hope is not good, but as entertainment activities after dinner also just as well, now let the old item to interpret this game for you.After losing to Japan in the last game, li xiaopeng will bring out the best attacking team of the National football Team to win the away match, and give the domestic fans an explanation for celebrating the New Year!At the risk of breaking the balance between attack and defense, the Chinese team has disappointed everyone enough in this round of 12. If it still fails to win a reassuring victory on the first night of the Lunar New Year, the Chinese team will probably face criticism from all walks of life.Vietnam is different from the other teams in the round of 12. They are smaller and faster.Manager under the leadership of park hang-seo in Korea, Vietnam accused of playing is colorful, the game at home in Vietnam if has certain suppression on the national soccer team, you don’t need to surprise, of course they can’t be like Japan whole team’s hard with air, so we have to do is to grasp every chance of creating transition, give Vietnam team a fatal blow.As mentioned above, they are short in stature, so we must give play to the high-altitude advantages of Zhang Yuning, Jiang Guangtai and Zhu Chenjie, and then combine the speed of attack and defense conversion to improve the efficiency of attack;So far the best news of the national football team is that Luo Guofu can play in this game, Li Xiaopeng also indicated at the press conference before the game, the naturalized player will start tomorrow;The threat of Luo Guofu has been seen by all in li Tie’s time.Saudi Arabia equalised with a cross from the right after Oman’s right-back had been pinned down in their half for 60 minutes.With him starting the game and Alan running off the ball, China’s counter-attack threat is very big, as for whether this threat can be converted into the final goal, it depends on the player’s own fate.The last game li Xiaopeng guidance for Zheng Zheng Hao Junmin and other people’s adjustment is not successful, today is estimated to conservatively take out the previous National football team that set of starting lineup to fight, in the strength is not a strong Vietnamese team, as long as the National football team does not make a big mistake, it is easy to win;Just let us have been disappointed in the national football team, is it worth us to give such a big expectation?Index side, institutions for the data is the team’s match with the 0.5 ball award, from the perspective of power, there is no question of national soccer team to the concessions, but has always been the transferee of the team’s can let the ball under pressure, is a need to think about points, after opening, people under this metric is indecisive, small numerical remained stable under the middle road in the position of the full prize.In the past three home games, Vietnam, such as Japan, Australia and Saudi Arabia, can only win one goal here, to the three teams played by the Chinese national football team, it seems impossible to win;But if we want to know is that the team’s unable to win the game, to suffer is not just out of the pain, the most important still is in on the first day as a national people’s jokes, winning is the only relief way, strength also allowed them to give such performance, on the first day of the year of the tiger on the team’s, is not a wrong option,The final score could be 0-1 and 1-2.Competition is closed, articles for entertainment only!You can give the old item a little attention, a little praise, code word is not easy, thank you for your support!