Ed Sheeran stars in Taylor’s The Joker And The Queen

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Ed Sheeran And Taylor’s new album “=” includes The track “The Joker And The Queen” And MV2 romantic release on November 11.One is the famous British singer Ed Sheeran “Ed Sheeran”, the other is the American pop diva Taylor Swift, tender sincere melody, clear texture of sound, jointly create “Joker and Queen” beautiful love story, arouse deep resonance of the soul!The duo actually has a long history, the two superstar friends have worked together many times.In late 2021, Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor' S Version) with two duets.EdSheeran also revealed that he would release a collaboration of “The Joker And The Queen,” And Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me,” which featured Overpass Graffiti.Have left clues of cooperation.This prediction comes true, can be called again immortal cooperation, dream linkage.The Joker And The Queen was originally recorded by Ed Sheeran in His symbol album series, Part 4 =, released in October last year And is The singer’s most completed work to date.The eight-track album shows Ed Sheeran exploring different levels of love, loss, resilience and fatherhood, examining his life and the people in it, as well as his real life and career.On The Joker And The Queen, Ed Sheeran shared his background And inspiration from The people he worked with:”Fred told me one day that he had just done a collaboration with Sam Roman, and Sam Roman had written a piano piece that he had always thought was beautiful, but he had never been able to make the melody into a song.After he played it for me, I wrote all the metaphors in about 15 or 20 minutes, and I wrote ‘Joker and the Queen.'””I have no answer. Is it meant to be?The rough and broken roads will connect you and me, and I know you’ll fall for a thousand Kings.”Listening to “The Joker And The Queen”, Ed Sheeran’s voice is as gentle as ever, And he interprets The happiness of being together with The beautiful woman And The love that goes both ways beautifully And affectionately. Taylor Swift’s joining makes The song more rich And full, expressing The sweet happiness after marriage incisively And vividly.Emotional world, true love can surpass everything, no matter clowns or queens, each other and can go to each other, is the most beautiful love in the world.Ed Sheeran&Taylor’s new song “The Joker And The Queen” is a love story about The Joker And The Queen. It’s a love story about The Joker And The Queen.