Educational neglect!Three xiangyang parents were reprimanded

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On January 19, the Yicheng People’s Court of Hubei province issued a family education order for the neglect-duty guardian of a minor robbery and illegal detention, and cooperated with the Municipal Youth League Committee and the Women’s Federation to provide family education guidance to the guardian.It is reported that this is the first “education order” issued by the provincial court after the “family education promotion Law” came into force.It is understood that the case happened on June 13, 2021, has not reached the age of 16 leijiacha etc etc. Three of the defendant to the victim Mao Mou forced back to the home, leijiacha etc found Mao Mou cell phones WeChat balance will want to possess oneself of large number and three defendants forced Mao Mou hand over the payment password saved a lot of money, until the next night Mao Mou by public security organs to save.After the presiding judge in the acceptance of the case found that three minor the defendant out of school, dropped out of school, bad habits such as smoking, keep close contact with social idle for a long time, the parents or divorce, or migrant workers, lack of daily education and supervision for children, let children step by step goes wrong, it is education dereliction of duty.In the trial, the judge focused on finding out the reasons for the three minors to commit crimes, pointed out the guardian’s educational negligence, and invited the school teacher to educate the defendant.After the court, the three guardians came to yicheng Court Happy Family School and had an educational instruction class on “how to be a qualified parent”.After the education, the judge sent three guardian family education make, existing in three guardian did not cooperate to fulfill family education responsibility, working to ignore family education “idle to fulfill their duties of guardianship” behavioral reprimand him, for more than three supervisors and the defendant conversations, regularly carry out morality and the rule of law education,Keep abreast of the learning situation and make follow-up learning arrangements to ensure that minors can grow up in an all-round and healthy way.After the guidance of family education, the three guardians promise to attach importance to family education in the future, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of guardianship and discipline, and help the children return to the right track of life and study.The editor