“Guangzhou” Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall “Kapok King” blooming introduced digital online maintenance

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It was march spring again, when kapok was in bloom.At present, the “King kapok” in the northeast corner of Zhongshan Memorial Hall park in Guangzhou has been in full bloom, and the red kapok is covered with branches, which is very warm and publicity, attracting many citizens and tourists carrying “long guns and short guns” to capture the spring scenery of the park.Kapok, as the city flower of Guangzhou, is not only the appearance level of the flowers in Guangzhou city, but also the spiritual symbol of the hero city of Guangzhou. It has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of every Guangzhou citizen, as well as special and profound feelings.As one of the parks with the most ancient kapok trees in Guangzhou, there are 23 kapok trees in zhongshan Memorial Hall park.Among them, the oldest and most well-known tree is “Kapok King” located in the northeast corner of the park, while the youngest tree is “Little Kapok” planted in 2017.”King kapok” before and after planting in 1669, the tree is about 27 meters high, bust about 6 meters, the average crown about 33 meters, not only is one of the fomous trees in guangzhou, in 2018, a nationwide organization to carry out the “China’s most beautiful ancient” selection activities, won the title of “China’s most beautiful kapok”, this is the “king of kapok” appellation of origin.Although “Kapok King” is more than 350 years old now, every spring, it is still in full bloom, full of red flowers, never absent from the flower feast in Guangzhou.In fact, because of the different plant genes, climate, growth environment and so on, kapok trees have other colors, such as zhongshan Memorial Hall east car yard stands an orange kapok tree, this kapok chest is about 3 meters, 50 years old tree.Every year, kapok is in full bloom in the park. Its yellow and orange color is like sunshine in a red cloud, which is particularly unique.In the quiet and solemn environment of Zhongshan Memorial Hall, kapok trees have a unique growing environment.In addition to “embroidery” efforts to implement daily management, Zhongshan Memorial Hall recently launched the first intelligent management system of green resources in Guangzhou, to achieve scientific and digital online maintenance of ancient and famous trees including kapokba trees in the park, and to achieve “one picture” visual management.According to management center, sun yat-sen memorial hall, guangzhou garden engineers Huang Linxia, so-called “picture”, refers to accurately present the distribution of the trees at the same time, each trees have their own unique electronic identity card, through the background management system or qr code can quickly understand dominated trees accurate distribution, shape, location, category and trees and maintenance measures, etc.,And realize timely reminder, quantitative evaluation and dynamic monitoring of tree conservation.”The electronic ID card records the details of each tree, and visitors simply scan the QR code with their mobile phones to obtain detailed information.”Huang Linxia said.This year, the zhongshan Memorial Hall also commissioned the Guangzhou Forestry and Landscape Science Research Institute to carry out a comprehensive “physical examination” of the ancient and famous trees in the park, including the analysis and evaluation of the health of the trunk, the growth of the root system of the trees, as well as the shape of the trees, growth and growth environment.”According to the annual ‘physical examination’ report, scientific and perfect protection measures are tailored for each ancient tree, and the ‘one tree, one policy’ management mode is implemented.”Huang Linxia said, hope through special protection, can promote the overall benign growth of ancient trees and trees, to show the verdant color.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com