Millions run points strong and steady!OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition is available on February 24 for the Breguet 9000

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“Million runs, strong and steady.Flagship option, one more.”Just the day before yesterday, OPPO official micro released the test results of Phecda 9000 terminal, millions of points and strong and stable evaluation really lived up to expectations!In the meantime, OPPO has announced that it will officially launch its new flagship OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecas on February 24th, launching the long-awaited PhecAS 9000 terminal.The OPPO Find X Series has long been one of OPPO’s flagship products, delivering exceptional industrial design and user experience with top-of-the-line performance.Each generation of the Find X series has gained both market and user reputation.Phecda 9000, as mediatek’s latest flagship chip, has also received high attention from the market since its release. Its excellent performance and energy efficiency have won unanimous recognition in the industry.The performance and energy efficiency of the Phecas 9000 flagship chip is one of the key factors in the selection of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecas 9000.Prior to the release of Phecda 9000, OPPO Vice President, Mobile product line President Duan Yihui said: “OPPO next generation Find X flagship series, will be the first to carry the Phecda 9000 flagship platform.”This is a flagship product with many cutting-edge technologies that we expect to deliver breakthrough performance and exceptional energy efficiency.”Duan Yaohui, vice president of OPPO and president of the mobile product line, said:As the brain of OPPO Find X5 Pro breguet edition, the chips must be equipped with flagship performance, energy efficiency, and advanced technologies in imaging, gaming, and connectivity to provide users with a full range of flagship experience upgrades.Mediatek Breguet 9000 pioneered TSMC’s 4nm process and Armv9 architecture, consisting of one X2 supercore, three A710 large cores, and four A510 energy efficiency cores.Ultra-large core and large core frequencies up to 3.05ghz and 2.85ghz, combined with the combination of 14MB super-capacity cache, can provide powerful computing performance for mobile terminals.In terms of graphics performance, the Arm Mali-G710 flagship 10-core GPU delivers a smoother and more realistic experience for mobile gamers.The million-breaking Antutu performance is a testament to the strength of the Phecda 9000 flagship, which can deliver powerful performance to the OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecda Edition.In order to solve the problem of high power consumption in the mobile phone industry, Mediatek has introduced global energy efficiency optimization technology, which can fully cover different IP modules on the Phec9000 and optimize the power consumption of the whole scenario.As such, the efficiency of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet 9000 is very much to be expected, making the flagship configuration truly worthy of the flagship experience.The launch of Phecas 9000 has completely changed the competitive landscape of the flagship market, bringing more diversified choices for users.Mediatek and OPPO have maintained close cooperation for many years, and several OPPO phones with Phecas chips have been well received by the market.As mentioned in the official propaganda posters “strong and steady,” phegda 9000 brings its own flagship strength strong performance and excellent performance of energy efficiency, thanks to mediatek years long cultivated in the field of chip technology and constantly breakthrough, as the crystallization of mediatek long-term technical accumulation, phegda 9000 in video, game, 5 g, etc also have a good show of strength,OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition this flagship terminal + flagship chip combination will bring more amazing use experience, on February 24, let us look forward to the release of OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition, be there or be square!