No migrant workers to follow?The construction site was filled with middle-aged workers, and the young chose to leave

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As we all know, the construction of urban roads is inseparable from our migrant workers, they work in the rain and wind every day, silently dedication to urban construction, but although very hard, but there is a problem, is no successor.Why do you say that?Because there is a very realistic thing, that is, at present in the construction site hard work are middle-aged, we can hardly see the shadow of young people, even if some young people enter the construction site, after accumulating certain skills, they will resolutely choose to leave!In the past, construction sites or factories were the most attractive places for young people. At that time, a large number of migrant workers went to cities for development mainly because they needed to earn money to support their families. However, due to their lack of skills and education level, they had to go to factories and construction sites.However, with the improvement of people’s education level and the continuous improvement of their academic background, many young people will choose to work in companies or institutions instead of construction sites after graduating from university.In addition, the food and housing conditions at the construction site were relatively poor, which was not decent enough to say the least. In addition, it was necessary to travel from place to place for many years, and it was impossible to reunite with family members.It is better to go to a small company, even if the salary is not high, but also to ensure five insurances and one gold, when you are old, you will have security.As the older generation of migrant workers get older and older, their bodies are gradually overdrawn, and they slowly lose their ability to work and leave the construction site where they have worked all their lives to go home for the aged.The new generation of young people will either work for state-owned enterprises, start their own businesses or find a secure job. If there is no new energy, the number of migrant workers will gradually decrease or even disappear.But let’s be clear: it’s not the young’s fault that migrant workers don’t have successors. It’s their working conditions, welfare and pay.If these are not improved, then in the future we can only say that the history of migrant workers will be further and further away from us!For the workers who are working at the site, here to give you amway project punch card camera, you can add watermark, location area, so that you can punch in anytime and anywhere, but also as their own evidence of work at the site oh!