Starbucks responded to the expulsion of police complaints, experts: catering enterprises should have better humanistic care and humanistic quality

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On February 14, a news that a police officer on duty was driven away by a starbucks employee to complain after eating lunch boxes in front of the door quickly spread online, causing a heated debate.In response, Starbucks China released a statement on its official Weibo at 18:20 on February 14: As for the situation of Ciqikou starbucks Store in Chongqing, we have verified and learned the facts as follows: At around 5pm on February 13, four police officers came to the store and were arranged to have dinner in the outdoor customer area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to have dinner in the outdoor dining area, and there was a misunderstanding in the communication between the store partner and the police officer due to inappropriate words when coordinating the seating. We apologize for this.However, there is no “drive police” and “complaint police” in the process of the event.Starbucks has always been committed to taking root and serving communities. Its stores have been in good communication with local police and have received strong support from the police.As always, Starbucks welcomes every customer.On the afternoon of February 14, a reporter from Rule of Law Daily visited the shop in Ciqikou Back Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing.There was a steady stream of tourists outside the starbucks.According to the online news, the police lunch box table is located on the left side of the exit door, consisting of two small round tables and four chairs.Reporters see, from time to time tourists sit down to rest, and put their own items here, there are tourists will buy snacks elsewhere, snacks and other food.As the debate continued, tourists stopped to take photos, ask each other what was going on, or ask questions in the store.Reporters in the store to see that the day there are two shop assistants are working, half an hour of time, into the shop consumption of tourists can be counted, mostly asked whether the shop chair can be used.The clerk who was questioned said the tables and chairs outside the store were public and could be used as long as no one else was using them.But for the things said on the Internet, the shop assistants often do not understand the situation and there will be colleagues in the public relations department responsible for the response and so on.According to the phone number of the public relations staff provided by the shop assistant, the reporter has not been connected after repeated calls.In the starbucks store opposite the incident, a staff member told reporters that he was busy at the time and did not notice what happened, or read about it on the Internet.The shop staff said that the tables and chairs at the gate of Starbucks were often used by tourists and it was unclear why such a thing happened., southwest university of political science and law professor Cheng Dean thinks, when providing the service of food and beverage enterprise, even in peak dining, have an obligation to friendly reminder diner dinner as soon as possible, the clerk should also have better humanistic quality friendly remind, is basic for people, including police, humanistic care, improve communication ability with the diner,This is catering enterprises, especially well-known catering enterprises in the future development to improve.Author | Legal Daily all-media reporter Wu Xiaofeng Zhan Haifeng source | Legal Daily editor wang Fang Song Sheng Male Yue Re