Wang Meng: South Korea has no right to scold Ahn Hyun-soo!

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I am from Russia, not from Korea……Nobody gave him a coaching platform at this point, and China did.”Wang Meng, who invited Ahn Hyun-soo, the Korean-Russian coach of China’s short track speed skating team, to coach him in China, said Monday night that South Korea has no right to scold him.At that time, as the criticism of Ahn continued on the Korean Internet, He sent a long message on The morning of August 8, asking Korean netizens not to attack his family for his areas that he could not intervene in or for inaccurate reports.It should speak of from February 5, on the same day, Beijing Olympics give the first gold medal short track speed skating competition, in the men’s and women’s 2000 – meter medley relay team, by the fan can be new, QuChunYu, President of all, China and Wu Dajing battle, winning a 2 minutes and 37 seconds 348, push the Italian team won the first gold medal of the Olympics, Chinese delegationAnd the first gold medal in short track speed skating.The South Korean short-track speed skating team was eliminated in the quarterfinals after finishing third in their group due to a fall.In contrast, some South Korean netizens went into a “rage of incompetence”, directing their anger at An Xianzhu, the technical coach of China’s short-track speed skating team.Ahn was targeted because he is a legendary short-track speed skater and had a gap with the Korean Ice Skating Federation.Born in 1985 in South Korea, Ahn won three gold and one bronze MEDALS at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.Despite winning the medal, he didn’t fare well in South Korea, where he became embroiled in factional warfare and slowly became a marginal figure on the country’s short track team, according to the Paper.In January 2008, Ahn broke his left kneecap and bruised his posterior cruciate ligament after hitting a wall during a training session, forcing him to retire from the South Korean national team, sina Sports reported.Because the injury was not on national team duty, Ahn did not receive state-funded treatment from South Korea, causing a rift with the Korean Ice Federation.In 2011, Ahn accepted an invitation from the Russian Ice Federation to become a Russian citizen, changing his name to Viktor Ahn.In 2014, he represented the host country in sochi, winning three gold MEDALS again.After leaving Russia, Ahn announced his retirement in 2020 and accepted an official offer to coach Wang Meng, then head of China’s national speed skating and short track speed skating teams.In October 2021, He became the technical coach of the Chinese short track speed skating team.Ahn Hyun-soo came to China to teach, has been given high attention by the Korean media.Just before the Opening of the Beijing Olympics, The South Korean media also published a question: “Is this deliberately to borrow the hand of the Chinese team against the South Korean team?”Ahn hyun-soo became the target of some Korean netizens when the Chinese team won the gold medal in the short track speed skating event on Friday.On the evening of June 6, in a short video platform launched “Champion Girl” program broadcast room, commentator Duan Xuan also mentioned to Wang Meng that Ahn Hyun-soo is now in the south Korean side has been scolded almost to death.In response, Wang meng talked about how she invited Ahn to coach the Chinese team, pointing out that “South Korea has no right to scold him.””I was recruited from Russia, not From South Korea,” Wang said, adding that Ahn had moved to Russia because of an “internal feud” in South Korea.Wang Meng went on to introduce that after Ahn’s retirement, he hoped to have a stage to show himself, “we in China extended an olive branch to him, and hope he can teach.”At the time, Ahn had no coaching experience and “no one gave him a coaching platform at this point,” Wang said, but in the end, “China did.”Wang also spoke highly of Ahn hyun-soo, saying, “He will always be a myth on the ice rink.” “In short track speed skating, he is too good.”However, the criticism of Ahn has continued.In particular, after Two South Korean players were disqualified in the semifinals after China won the gold medal again, many Korean netizens posted messages on news sites and social media urging Ahn to “never come back to Korea” and “don’t want to see him.”According to The Chosun Ilbo and Dong-A Ilbo on Monday, some Koreans also attacked Ahn s wife Woo Na-ri by leaving malicious comments on her social media account at her personal shopping website.To this end, Ahn hyun-soo sent a long message in the early morning of August 8 urging Korean netizens not to attack his family members for areas in which he cannot intervene or for inaccurate reports.Ahn wrote, “I am in this situation because of the choices I made in the past, so I will bear all the blame.However, it is the pain and hurt of my family that hurts me the most.Ahn added, I have been careful with my words and have not given an official interview.I know how important and urgent the Olympic Games is for athletes, and I feel sorry for those who are watching as a senior, colleague and coach.In the end, Ahn thanked his supporters by asking Korean netizens not to insult or leave malicious comments on my family members who have suffered from me because of false reports or things that I cannot intervene in.Source: