Announcement on the introduction of high-level talents in urgent need in 2021 to directly evaluate the evaluation results of senior titles

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According to the spirit of the document “Notice on Further Introducing High-level Talents in urgent need to Directly Evaluate Senior Professional Titles” (Guangxi Vocational Reform no. 1 2018) issued by the Leading Group of Professional Title Reform of Autonomous Region and the work arrangement of 2021 professional title appraisal,The vocational Reform Office of the autonomous Region has entrusted guangxi Normal University, Guangxi Medical University, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Beibu Gulf University, Guilin Medical College and other 6 colleges and universities.The vocational Reform Office of Engineering, Technology and Economy, the vocational Reform Office of natural Science research, and the vocational reform Office of Agriculture organized and implemented the direct evaluation of senior titles for imported talents in Guangxi in the second half of 2021.According to the professional title appraisal procedure and relevant regulations, the appraisal results are now made public.The publicity period is 7 working days from the date of this announcement.Any unit and the masses of objects such as within the scope of the public on review results, can be in written form and agency real names and contact information, to the public before the end of the title either by mail or direct service delivery autonomous region reform work leading group office (guangxi nanning xinghu way 2 2-1 in north guangxi human resources and social security hall tower fifth floor, room 511).Postal service is subject to the postmark, direct service is subject to the date of service, where the anonymous form of information will not be accepted.Relevant responsible departments will check the reflected situations or problems in strict accordance with relevant policies and regulations of professional title management.Those who have no objection will be published according to regulations after completing the verification procedure.Truthful reports by the masses are protected by law.1. Professors (9) Guangxi Normal University: Li Huaifeng Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology: Wu Mingqiu Beibu Gulf University: Zhu Zhuansheng Yulin Normal University:CAI Jieyuan, Lin Zhengde, PAN Yuai, WEI Shiyong, Yao Jingwu, ZHENG Jiaxing, 2, Researchers (7) Guangxi Medical University: Wang Huabing, ZHANG Weiqing, Guangxi Normal University: YUNHYEJUN, Guilin University of Electronic Technology: AHMAD CHADDAD RUAN YINLAN, Guilin Medical College: Chen Li, Guangxi Academy of Sciences:4, Associate Professor (1), Jin Xingwu, Associate Researcher (2), Guilin University of Electronic Technology: ALBERTO JOSE FERNANDEZ CARRION, Guangxi University of Science and TechnologyWu Xuan6, Senior Engineer (1) Guangxi Dongxin Yitong Technology Co., LTD. : Liu Zuoqi, Senior Animal Husbandry Division (1) Guangxi Guigang Xiubo Gene Technology Co., LTD. : Zhao Yunxiang