CBA ranking chaos!Liaoning 21 round hegemony table, Guangdong four straight wins warming up, 5 teams contend for playoff 3 seats

2022-05-09 0 By

On January 26, Beijing time, the CBA league regular season 27 games all finished, CBA ranking situation in chaos, the leader team Liaoning in han Dejun and Guo Ailun are missing the situation, finally rely on Zhao Jiwei’s excellent play to beat the new CBA team Ningbo Fubang, this is also let team Liaoning 21 consecutive rounds of the CBA championship.Recently the state is not too good Shanghai team, but staged a big comeback, they won 2 consecutive wins after locking the second position;Zhejiang shuangxiong ranked 3-4 respectively;Guangdong Has won four consecutive victories and is very close to advancing to the top four.The playoff race is changing again. After a losing streak for Stephon Marbury’s Beijing North Control team, their position is also shaky, with five teams competing for the final three playoff spots.The most embarrassing is that nanjing Tongxi, the vice squad leader, has matched the longest losing streak in the CBA.Zhao Jiwei rate – thrashing of ningbo fubon actually recently – state is not good, especially Han Dejun bans, liaoning first defeat to xinjiang in 20 points, elected BeiKong and win more hard against Beijing, after the second phase of the last two games, Asia the first defender pg also leave early conference due to injury, but even then liaoning,Still ranked the first with a record of 24 wins and 3 losses, just like a solitary defeat in the CBA league. Since Liaoning team won the championship in the seventh round, they have won the championship in 21 consecutive rounds, which also reflects liaoning team’s strong dominance.The current ranking of the second Shanghai team is actually not in good shape, the last two games are very thrilling, fortunately, both wins, at present with 22 wins 5 record in the second place.Zhejiang Guangsha team lost to Shandong Team is in this round of a small surprise, I don’t know why the head coach Wang Bo, unexpectedly against the playoff level of Shandong team rested Sun Minghui and Zhao Yanhao, finally Zhejiang Guangsha team lost to Shandong team, at present with 21 wins and 6 losses in the third place;Before the same state is relatively poor Zhejiang team, the current round is a good state of shenzhen team, and zhejiang Guangsha team the same record, because of a small gap ranked in the fourth;Compare the top four poor condition at present, the guangdong tigers, the new foreign aid lidle since then, the continued to win sichuan team, has won four straight, finished fifth, with twenty – seven is favorable for the guangdong tigers, they basically played the game, so in the game at any time are likely to squeeze into the top four.In zhejiang revenge victory over shenzhen shenzhen team got 4 in a row, after this round of the second meetings with Chinese and failed to complete the double of the season, currently with 18 in 6-9, but their ninth and shanxi is a games, lost to Beijing shougang team, if the next round of the shenzhen team is probably fell to ninth,It shows how fierce the competition is now;After defeating Shanxi, Guangzhou ranked seventh with 17 wins and 10 losses.Beijing shougang team rely on the double foreign aid of the excellent play is finally revenge Tianjin team, they are also like guangzhou team ranked in the eighth;After losing to Guangzhou team, Shanxi team’s record is the same as Guangzhou team, but because of the double play by Guangzhou team, they can only rank 9th.After all, they only need to win 2 games in the back to meet the standard of winning rate to reach 5. And now, although shandong team narrowly defeated Zhejiang Guangsha team by 3 points, but their 14-13 record ranked in the 10th place, in fact, is very dangerous;Beijing Beikong, with the same record as Shandong, is ranked 11th and also likely to be knocked out of the playoffs.Compared to shandong team and Beijing Beikong team is not in good condition, the host Jilin team is ushered in 4 consecutive wins, currently ranked in the 12th place with 13 wins and 14 losses;At the back of the xinjiang team also won 4 consecutive victories, currently ranked in the 13th place with 12 wins and 15 losses, it is worth mentioning that the next round of Xinjiang team is directly face to face with jilin team, if Xinjiang can win jilin team more than 2 points, they will be able to jilin team unhorse, himself into the top 12.CBA new ranking among xinjiang is hoping to hit the playoffs, there’s hope for this round of tianjin team lost to Beijing shougang team theory, with a 10 to 17 at the record on the 14th, jilin team has three wins, but recent state of tianjin team is good, especially the league only will double foreign aid, let them beat teams can often surprise;Sichuan and Qingdao will continue to lose at this round. Although ranked 15-16, their gap with Jilin is getting bigger and bigger, so sichuan will not have any chance to compete in the playoffs.Fujian wins and ranks 17th with a 6-21 record;Jiangsu ranked 18th with 4-23 losses;Ningbo Fubang ranked 19th with 2-25 losses;The most embarrassing is the vice squad leader Nanjing tongxi team, the current round of losing to Xinjiang team not only completely out of the playoffs, the current 1-26 continue to bottom, and their consecutive defeat has equalized the 01-02 season shenzhen Yikang team 24 consecutive defeat, the next round of losing to Liaoning team, they will be a new CBA shame record.