Legal students won 30 UCLA offers!Northwest and USC JD are also in the bag

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UCLA is out!Law students have won 30 offers to the LLM program at UCLA law School (5 of them received $30,000 or $20,000 scholarships respectively).Congratulations!In addition, two outstanding legal students received the JD Offer from Northwestern University Law School and the JD Offer from UNIVERSITY of Southern California Law School respectively (and received a large scholarship of up to $165,000)!Check out the background and experience of the successful students to see if they can help you.Northwestern University Law School JD OfferOffer Show student background Undergraduate School: Luben GPA: 85+/100LSAT score: 170+ Nature: No work experience Internship/Work experience and Activities:Northwestern University School of Law, located in Chicago, Illinois, is ranked 12th in the 2022 US News Law School Rankings.In the 2020-2021 application season, the median LSAT and GPA of students admitted to northwest JD program were 171 and 3.86, respectively.As an old-line T14 college, NORTHWESTERN JD’s admission standards have always been high.Similar to the LLM program, Northwest clearly states on its official website that work experience is highly valued in admission.The legal students admitted by NORTHWEST JD did not have full-time working experience.TA graduated from a domestic university with excellent academic performance, LSAT score of 170+, and internship and research experience in a Red Circle institute.I believe that in addition to its strong comprehensive strength, the document also adds a lot to TA’s favor in the northwest.University of Southern California Law School JD OfferOffer Display student Background Undergraduate School: American GPA: 3.8+/4.0LSAT score: 170- Nature: No work experience Internship/Work Experience and Activities:The University of Southern California School of Law (USC) is ranked 19th in the 2022 US News Law School Rankings based on its excellent location and comprehensive strength in California.Compared with its more friendly LLM program, USC’s JD program has always been quite difficult to admit.In the 2020-2021 application season, the median LSAT and GPA for USC’s JD program were 168 and 3.82, respectively.The legal students admitted to USC are from American universities.She has excellent academic performance at school, and her LSAT score is not too low. She also has several non-law related internships. She is also a student with rich and comprehensive comprehensive strength.It is worth mentioning that he was awarded a scholarship of up to $165,000 from USC.USC has always been generous with its scholarship programs.In order to let you have a better understanding of UCLA LLM admission tendency and their own positioning, we hereby arrange the fuzzy background of the law students who won the first round of admission as follows for your reference:A total of 30 legal students have been admitted to UCLA’s LLM program this time. Congratulations to them again!And among these 30 students, 5 students have won the high scholarship of 30,000 DOLLARS and 20,000 dollars respectively, which is very rare!Educational Background: Among the 30 students, except for 2 students who graduated from overseas universities, the other 28 students have pure land-based background, and they come from well-known political and legal colleges, top 985 universities and 985 universities in China.Among the 28 participants, three have master’s degrees (including one from a Hong Kong university) and one has a doctoral degree.The GPA of the admitted students is also very competitive.As a traditional T17 university, UCLA has always attached great importance to the academic performance of applicants and set its own thresholds and high standards for the institutions and GPA of applicants.Language achievement: the acceptance of 30 students, in addition to the two language waiver application of students, the rest of the 28 students, submit the ielts scores have four (including 7.5 points in 3 patients, 1 of 8 points), the remaining 24 use as proof of language performance (including nine is submitted by “toefl home edition”).The 24 students who submitted the TOEFL scored at least 100 points.Among them, 6 students are between 100 and 105 (100, 100+ and 105- in the table above), 16 students are between 106 and 110 (105+, 110- and 110), and 2 students are above 110 (110+ and 115- in the table above).Overall, the median TOEFL score for those admitted to UCLA was around 105.Nature of background: It should be noted that among the 30 students admitted this time, except for one working party with several years’ experience in a law firm, the other 29 are all young students without working experience.In addition to the academic background, their internships and extracurricular activities are also more abundant, in addition to the traditional law firms, court, justice, legal aid center internship, involving financial institutions internship experience, college students’ entrepreneurial projects, Pro Bono, more overseas universities exchanges, game experience, research, academic conferences and publication, etc.Before harvesting more offers, in order to help partners who will start applying for jobs in 2023 Fall to better understand the situation of this application season, so as to position themselves, the law administration hereby sorts out the offers of legal students so far.Supplement the previously announced Offer information to form a rich summary of the background of legal students’ admission.Over the years, our Offer disclosure has always been based on the most authentic principle. Compared with many misleading information in the market, it has a stronger reference role for the majority of future applicants.Read on to see what the backgrounds of some of the most successful students can tell you about your application.This Offer form includes the background information of T17 in the United States, top universities in The United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, and the students admitted by JD.Is, to emphasize, in addition to the individual to clear the land this study background of the trainees, the following table lists the Offer are almost pure Chinese undergraduate students get the regular project (except for special mark of two cases of Columbia ELLM project, a case of a Georgetown two-year LLM), should be able to subsequent lu this applicant has good reference significance.We will also keep you updated with the latest admission information.2022 JD Offer (2.13 update) 2022 T17 Law School LLMColumbia University School of Law New York University School of Law University of Virginia School of Law University of Michigan School of Law Northwestern University School of Law Cornell University School of Law UCLA School of Law Georgetown University Law Center OffEr Vanderbilt University Law School (Offer2022) LLM Offer (2.13 update)