The more money black Desert makes, the harder it is to make high-quality games

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The more money mobile games make, the harder it is to make high-quality games.Xiaobian like to brush strange upgrade, so I now have 4 61 a 62 and a pile of 60, black sand picture quality is not one of the best blow feeling.But the reason I couldn’t play it was the lack of content.There is no cooperation.It would be incredible to develop black Sand for $100W.Black sand this may be N aborted in the middle of the game scrap case modification splicing to make again is not necessarily.And Korean tourism has a fixed development mode, domestic mobile games of low cost and high profits emerged.Salaries in related industries increased several times and dozens of times.It has a huge impact on the development costs of game companies. The more money mobile games make, the harder it is to make high-quality games.Black Desert this game, except not fun, there are no other shortcomings, 1 million this is the developer’s own joke, DID not expect to really believe.Nine years of Chinese PC game is really bad when I didn’t hear that Chinese people learn to do games several times the cost of investment.Most games on the market, even some IP, have a start-up capital of only tens of millions. The subsequent investment and human resources arrangement is the process of slowly injecting life into a project, but the capital has its own way of publicity like an old stem: with a small amount of money, nervous stimulation.Perfect has a typical by the capital propaganda, not to see the modifier, only see the modifier also inexplicably feel data in the hand of the underlying logic.I’m a big fan of PVP.In the past, the world 3 was basically hanging around at 9 o ‘clock during the day, waiting for the fight, until the end of the night.As a result, the economic system is destroyed, leading to a large number of supply chains in the market, raw materials are out of stock, the whole product circulation is not smooth.And with private service operators and its not professional planning, the price of goods basic copy day service, resulting in the exchange completely abandoned, the game completely become stand-alone.This game set is completely to look the same, the first time I can be a single game role play play, after all, novel, practice trumpet or wake up after the basic tired, unchanged brush strange.Then wait a few months for the equipment to join the PVP stronghold and then strengthen the equipment off, continue to move the brick to strengthen the equipment, continuous cycle.First, the optimization problem, and 3A single machine such as Sorcerer 3 what is really not comparable, horizontal comparison of large MMORPG, not to say outstanding, but at least no slot point.Especially after the remake of the picture in THE MMORPG is quite out of hand, the vision and dog teeth are still, but 2K or even 4K separation rate can be expected to mainstream single 3A.