Yanghuping Street, Yongding District: Pay attention to the health of the elderly so that the elderly have access to medical care

2022-05-09 0 By

Rednet moment Zhangjiajie On February 19 – (correspondent Xu Jingxi) “the health of the elderly” has always been a hot topic of general concern.In order to further improve the health level of the elderly, care about the health of the elderly, care for the elderly in their later life, recently, Yongding District Yanghuping street united community hospital to carry out a half month of special activities for the elderly physical examination, free of charge for the elderly in the area of 60 years old.Up to now, according to incomplete statistics, 2,200 elderly people have participated in this special physical examination activity.The physical examination included measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, B ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood test and urine test.Under the guidance of the staff, the elderly who come for physical examination queue up to get the number and wait for the examination orderly.On the spot, medical personnel make detailed records of each elderly person’s health condition and evaluate their health condition, so that they can timely and accurately understand their own health condition.At the same time, the elderly will be informed about the role and safety of COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccination advice will be issued based on physical examination results confirming that their health conditions are up to the standard, so as to eliminate the concerns of the elderly vaccinated, so that they can establish an immune “firewall” as soon as possible.