2.14 new energy vehicles real estate home appliances military securities and the market today will go?

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Multi-field learning, go with the flow!In the financial market, Buddha tells us the weakness of human nature: greed, suspicion, selfishness, conservatism, etc., we need to use this world to overcome the weakness, and be the friend of time, Buddha’s light shines all over the earth.[Thank you][thank you] Trend prediction: we from the level of 60 minutes, tomorrow, the main market of the main disc has the demand of the adjustment of the vibration of the main disc, finally the end of the shaft of a small Yin line of the large probability of the shaft, so I suggest friends not too radical, the short-term need to control the position.1 new energy vehicles: last week mainly to shock the downward adjustment of the market, there is still no sign of the bottom in the short term, the strength of the air occupy a strong advantage, mainly to bear the downward trend.I personally think there is still a shock next week to adjust the market for the probability, so short term for this plate I still continue to wait and see.From the weekly level: from the perspective of the trend, there is still a downward trend in the demand, I suggest that friends need to control the position mainly, the previous share about when to stabilize, about in the middle of March, we can wait patiently for the stabilization of the market signal.2. Household appliances: last week, the market was mainly adjusted by the bottom oscillation. From the perspective of the trend, there may not be a large short-term risk adjustment trend, but there will be a trend at the bottom.From the perspective of the policy of the weekend, “14 or 15 promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas planning, encourage conditional area to develop the countryside furniture home outfit subsidies and a new car to the countryside”, the news for home appliances and household items will have certain positive role, this week, we can take more attention to the prices of the two plates.3. Military industry: last week mainly to the bottom of the shock adjustment of the market, from the trend of this position still have the choice of downward adjustment of the demand, so the short-term has not stabilized before we choose to see more and less move light positions wait and see, next week I personally think mainly to small shock adjustment of the market!From the weekly level: there is still a demand for downward adjustment next week, so in the short term, we still need to be prudent.For this position, I am personally optimistic about the long-term and short-term is not optimistic about the main, patiently waiting for the market opportunity to eat meat.Finally, wind and rain in the future, normal heart to face!Have a question can leave a message in the comment area, analysis is not easy, sincerely hope everyone to support, like, pay attention to, forward, message, learn from each other, have any questions in the comment area message.[give you a careful heart][give you a careful heart][geili][Geili]