Ioc: 70% of athletes have arrived at Beijing Winter Games

2022-05-10 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) — Preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are being finalized and fine-tuned to improve the athletes’ experience, Pierre Ducre, director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ‘s Olympic Department, said at a press conference on Thursday.”We are fine-tuning and finalizing in order to be fully ready for the opening day.Seventy percent of the athletes have arrived and are training at the venues and everything is going very well.””Today is a very important day because our curling mixed doubles starts tonight, and it’s a very exciting time to bring the event to our venue,” Ducre said.Ducre, who has been working in Beijing for a month, said he was very happy to work with boCOG and pleased with the progress made.Mr Ducre said he was committed to improving the athlete experience, and all preparations were being made to that end.”We have fantastic venues and the ifs and athletes are raving about it.I want to thank boCOG for the tremendous work they have done and we will work together.”Qinghai Daily (February 3, 2022 edition 4: Gather in Beijing for Winter Olympics) statement: The above content, except for the source of the original qinghai Daily, is strictly prohibited reprint without written permission!