JOJO Gospel: small turtle boyfriend passport name “empty article battle world text”, Oriental home great crisis!

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At the end of the last sentence, the daughter of the Dongfang family xiaojiu took a very ugly boyfriend home, this boyfriend is very not subject to the price of the Dongfang family, it is clear that this is also the rock man.This male friend tian most ring sits on single person sofa a little crowded, but also rejected the kindness of the Constitution help, insisted to sit on this sofa, but the two armrests of the sofa all slanted to one side.Constitutional help is full of speechless, but feel as long as the small dove feel good that this is happiness, then constitutional help will not object, constitutional help is indeed an enlightened father, in order to celebrate the small dove with her boyfriend back, planning to open a champagne to celebrate together.Xian Suke asked how they met, after all, xiao Jiu is the first time to bring her boyfriend home.After hearing this, small doves and tian ring on the spot on the ten fingers clenched, immediately face to face kiss.This kind of show affection way let others can not stand, Xian Zhu all a little can not bear, and small jiu also said that there were 5 times, explained that is five times to take a bath together, two bedroom, but this kind of thing so said, let people feel angry.But the constitutional help and can not really start a fight, so often show began, the use of air pressure will champagne plug spray out, is the ring of the field of hair, let was very little hair into less, bald head.After chang Xiu pretended to apologize, he found his fingerprint also appeared in the wine cup, become strange.Set help there the phone has not hung up, so came the sound of Kang Ear, set help immediately answered.Kang Sui found an empty article by the world passport photo.Kang ear said this photo and now set help completely unlike, Kang ear to send a fax to set help to see the photos.Xiao Jiu said that there would be a lot of forgotten clothes in the laundry, and even a lot of designer coats.Xian help abandon of say, because he send you coat, you like to go up him.Xiao Jiu works next to the laundry and mainly takes photographs for designers.Mainly design necklace, but once necklace three, everywhere on the ground, small turtle explained that this is not their fault, but the designer furious.Tian most ring just in the store, he picked up all the accessories, reduction, but not exactly the same, but with a necklace composed of “like you” words, this is the active titillate, small turtle is so moved.Set help plan to go out, constitutional help let set help by the way to see where the rainbow village, has not come back.In set to help go out after the field ring also excuse to go to the toilet followed out.Set help can not find the rainbow village everywhere, tian ring also find the wrong place, chang Xiu also followed the past, there are a lot of fingerprints on the wall.Kang ear fax also arrived, the first time to see the big, the passport on the face is the most ring field, but the name of the document is “empty article war world”!Chang Xiu found that the anti-theft camera in the home was destroyed, his hands also changed, want to open the tap are difficult, water from the “sponge” kind of head leaked down.Chang Xiu has realized that tian ring is wrong, this is a stunt double attack, he must be using small dove came to their home, but in the end for what?Fearing it would join him, he was about to rush out to call for his father, but he was swept away as if he were melting.Small dove want to see the contents of the fax, but the big I said this is set to help, can not give him to see, but small dove looked at one eye, a little strange, big dove ready to run out to set to help send in the past, but set to help into a strange situation, after the big I rushed in the past also melted.Small dove did not catch up with the big, this time tian most ring back, but the small dove seems to have seen the content of the fax, tian most ring no longer disguise, a face win.Tian most annulus single carries a family, it is stunt messenger all, the ability of tian most annulus lets Oriental home be immersed in very unfavorable level.So much for Gospel text 48, I am rambling, like friends remember to pay attention to oh.