Nantong, Jiangsu province: More than 3.5 million college students across the country have been cheated in the Winter Olympics, and the police report has come!

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics attracted worldwide attention.In the arena, players from all countries competed fiercely.Outside the competition venue, an online quiz entitled “The ‘Charming Winter Olympics’ Knowledge Dissemination Assistance Ambassador Activity” was also widely spread across the country.However, such an event under the banner of “charming Winter Olympics” is an elaborate hoax.After careful investigation carried out in the Ministry of Public Security to deploy the “net net 2022” special operation of nantong, some two levels of the public security organs successfully uncovered a super-large fake games knowledge dissemination activities fraud captured involved 19 nearly more than ten million yuan at the same time also seized the criminal gangs of illegal access to more than 350 colleges student personal information data bring astonished policemen are madeThe suspect is interrogated.”In the public account ‘campus practice’ reply: The Winter Olympics or wechat qr code, come together to register!You will receive certificates of honor and commemorative gifts for the Winter Olympics.”On February 8, enthusiastic netizens reported to the Network security detachment of nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau that an online quiz titled “The ‘Charm of the Winter Olympics’ Knowledge dissemination help ambassador activity” was spread in local wechat groups and moments, attracting many netizens to register for the event, suspected of illegal collection of personal information and fraud.Bring about false activities bring about poster at the scene of the police seized the seal by the denotation of the organizing committee of the “activity”, nantong Internet police found that the event organizers called “Chinese management science research institute international talent training base”, mainly for colleges students in school, activities shall practise a system of “the games are value” integral, first of all, in 10 minutes after application a 10 games are common sense problem,Six correct answers will add 10 points to the Winter Olympics.After answering the questions, you are also required to fill in your school, name, ID number, mobile phone number and other personal information.In the process of participation, students need to learn to sign in, invite registration and other ways to obtain “Winter Olympics value”, reach a certain point can be awarded one to five stars of different levels of the Winter Olympics ambassador title, in the national ranking of the top can also get customized hand made “Ice Dun Dun” and other limited prizes.On February 9, the Network security detachment of Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau and rudong County Public Security Bureau set up a special case team to solve the case.Upon further investigation, astonished to find out hidden behind a soon to li mou fai (male, 38, Inner Mongolia), soup a peak (male, 40, jiangxi people) and others led, specifically for students in colleges of design all kinds of online activities, thus illegal for citizens’ personal information and swindled criminal gangs.▲ Before the action, the task force police are discussing the arrest plan.On February 16, the public security organs of Nantong and Rudong dispatched more than 20 competent police officers to arrest all 19 people involved in the crime in Chongqing and Beijing, and seized 38 mobile phones, 57 computers and 16 USB drives, as well as more than 3.5 million illegally obtained citizens’ personal information.All of them are filled in online by students from large and medium-sized colleges and universities in China.▲ Task force police scene forensics.▲ Task force police search and collect evidence at the scene.▲ Task force police search and collect evidence at the scene.After investigation, in January this year, the suspect Li Mou Hui together with Tang Mou Feng et al., without the official authorization of the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, relying on the Internet to develop a “competition platform”, carefully designed integral rules and activity posters, to the public number, wechat group, circle of friends and other forms of promotion,Launched a nationwide “‘ charm the games’ games knowledge dissemination power ambassador”, in order to issue false “games ambassador honor certificate”, such as the games commemorative gifts for prizes, and announced that the awarded the certificate of honor can serve as a college students’ social practice, a review of the scholarship based on points, lure major secondary school students to enter the “competition platform”,Fill in your name, mobile phone number, ID card number, contact address and other personal information, and charge from 28 yuan to 36 yuan for the certificate.By the end of the case, the criminal gang relying on this “competition platform”, has illegally obtained the national college students in the personal information of more than 3.5 million, defrauding some participants to pay a total of more than 10 million yuan certificate costs.▲ The police seized part of the early activities.According to Zhang Dajing, deputy head of the network security detachment of the Nantong Public Security Bureau, nantong police also found that the gang had used informal industry associations and associations to conduct such online answering activities.▲ Criminal gangs use informal industry associations and societies to carry out various activities.At present, the case is under further investigation.The police remind the current network answer and lottery activities, most participants need to fill in some basic personal information, the event organizers can take the opportunity to marketing, attract fans and collect personal information.In the face of all kinds of online activities, the majority of netizens should keep their eyes peeled and carefully screen the organizers, especially when it comes to filling in important personal information such as ID number, mobile phone number and contact address.After winning the prize, the organizers asked to pay all kinds of fees before claiming the prize should be more vigilant, beware of being cheated.Source: Nantong Public Security